JAMES BOND, AGENT OF SPECTRE #1 (Christos Gage / Luca Casalanguida)

Dynamite publiera sa nouvelle série James Bond à partir de mars 2021. James Bond, Agent of Spectre est écrit par Christos Gage et dessiné par Luca Casalanguida (Lost Soldiers).

« There’s a civil war brewing within the iconic nefarious organization of SPECTRE. A power-hungry rookie American member has her crosshairs aimed at the one and only Number 1. Ernst Stavro Blofeld turns to his last chance and requests assistance from his eternal nemesis, as he and Bond come face to face for the first time in Dynamite’s comic books. With an objective that amounts to pulling apart SPECTRE in the process, and the life of ally Felix Leiter on the line, everyone’s favorite spy is caught within the web. »

La couverture du #1 par Steve Epting :


Christos Gage :

« I’ve been lucky enough to work on many iconic characters in my career, but this is my first time writing Bond, and I’m having a blast. Throwing him into a web of intrigue with his archenemy Blofeld as an untrustworthy ally is thrilling enough, but to have the amazing Luca Casalanguida as my artistic collaborator, not to mention covers by legends Steve Epting and Sean Phillips, is an embarrassment of riches. They give me a license to kill…creatively…and I plan to use it! »

Et pour les dessinateurs de Bond, le problème, à chaque fois, ce doit être : « Purée, quelle tête je lui donne ? »…
Lui donner la tête d’un des acteurs ayant tenu le rôle l’ancre dans la franchise des films et permet aux lecteurs de l’identifier immédiatement (mais l’enferme peut-être dans une époque), mais lui donner une nouvelle tête donne plus de liberté.