JAMES BOND : LIVE AND LET DIE (Van Jensen / Kewber Baal)

Après Casino Royale en 2018, Dynamite publiera en septembre une adaptation de Live and Let Die (Vivre et laisser Mourir), le deuxième roman James Bond écrit par Ian Fleming. (EDIT : sortie repoussée à janvier 2020).

Par Van Jensen et Kewber Baal.

« Bond is at first sent across the Atlantic to The City That Never Sleeps to investigate Mr. Big, an agent of the Secret Service-opposed SMERSH. Fan-favorite CIA agent Felix Leiter is brought in to help, as the two uncover a plot full of voodoo and deadly sea creatures… There is also the unforgettable ‹ Bond girl › – the beautiful and talented tarot reader Solitaire. »

« Live and Let Die is an intense sprint, full of huge action and terrifying villains, » Jensen said. « It’s both a mystery and a thriller, as Bond digs into the world of Mr. Big and fights to survive against sharks, and even a very hungry octopus. To work in the world that Ian Fleming created is an incredible honor. This was a particularly fun project, given how grandiose it is, full of intricate action set pieces and fun visuals. Translating the novel to comics was all about staging those beats in the most fun, intense way possible. Kewber has been a perfect partner in that work. The underwater battles particularly are the highlight of the book, but every page has something wonderful. »

Premier aperçu :


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Et, de mémoire, le premier que j’ai lu.



James Bond: Live & Let Die HC
FC | 168 pages | Action/Adventure | Standard Edition: $24.99 | Teen +
writers: Van Jensen, Ian Fleming | artist: Kewber Baal | cover: Fay Dalton
In this second adaptation of the Fleming novels… Bond is sent to New York City to investigate “Mr. Big”, an agent of SMERSH and a criminal voodoo leader. With no time for superstition — and with the help of his colleague in the CIA, Felix Leiter, Bond tracks “Mr. Big” through the jazz joints of Harlem, to the everglades and on to the Caribbean, knowing that this criminal heavy hitter is a real threat. No one, not even the mysterious Solitaire, can be sure how their battle of wills is going to end…

Source : www.newsarama.com

Adaptation du premier roman que j’ai lu.


J’adore la couv’.

Avec ses personnages qui regardent d’une carte (ou case) à l’autre, elle me fait penser au générique des Mystères de l’ouest.