JAMES BOND ORIGIN #1 (Jeff Parker / Bob Q)

(Le Doc) #1

Dynamite Entertainment revisitera les jeunes années de James Bond à l’occasion d’une mini-série intitulée James Bond Origin qui se déroulera en pleine Seconde Guerre Mondiale.

Cette exploration du passé du futur Agent 007 a été confiée au scénariste Jeff Parker (Flash Gordon) et au dessinateur Bob Q (Green Hornet '66 meets the Spirit).

La publication débutera en septembre.

Jeff Parker : “It’s a weighty challenge to reverse-engineer this icon into a young man on a life’s journey of danger, but Nate Cosby paired me up with Bob Q, who not only brings the gravitas of war in 1941 Europe, but nails the promising hero in his youth. James doesn’t have the vast experience of a double-O agent yet, but he’s tenacious and a lightning-quick study. Bob and I work to show the full force of Bond’s spirit.”

Source : www.cbr.com

(Le Doc) #2

Jeff Parker (W) • Bob Q (A)
Cover by John Cassaday
“CHAPTER ONE: THE GREATEST DAYS” At last, the definitive account of James Bond’s exploits during World War II! MARCH, 1941: Seventeen-year-old James Bond is a restless student in Scotland, an orphan, eager to strike out and make his mark on the world. But a visit by an old family friend coincides with THE CLYDEBANK BLITZ, the most devastating German attack on Scotland during the War. James will fight through hell to survive, coming out the other side determined to make a difference. He’ll find his calling in a new British government service, secret in nature…
The ongoing epic kicks off, by JEFF PARKER (Future Quest, Thunderbolts, Batman ’66) and BOB Q (The Green Hornet)!
In Shops: September 5
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Source : www.cbr.com

(Regulator) #3