JAMES BOND : SERVICE (Kieron Gillen / Antonio Fuso)

In contemporary politics, where Britain’s world standing is often more zero than 007, an assassin plans to exterminate the ‘special relationship,’ and lead Britain and the United States into a very dark place…especially when he does so by aiming down the sights of an ancient Enfield rifle! It’ll test Bond’s deadly talents to their limits, in order to defeat the assassin and avert certain geopolitical disaster…

Dynamite Entertainement publiera en mai un numéro spécial de l’agent 007 intitulé James Bond : Service.
Ce one-shot de 48 pages est écrit par Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine) et dessiné par Antonio Fuso.

Source : comicscontinuum.com

Oh… Pour l’instant j’ai laissé passer les séries James Bond (les mauvais échos que j’ai eus de la prestation d’Ellis n’ont pas aidé à éveiller mon intérêt), mais un one-shot scénarisé par Gillen ? Je pourrais me laisser tenter…

2 pages de James Bond : Service par Antonio Fuso :

[quote]The villain is a rogue agent who believes he’s defending Britain. He’s a lone terrorist and a lot of his methods and thought patterns harken back to World War II. I did some research into the history. He’s very much a defender of a certain idea of Britain and a lot of the book is a discussion of that.

In terms of the action set pieces, as I mentioned the Imperial War Museum figures prominently. [Laughs] That was part of the inspiration. I had bits and pieces, but I went for a walk around the War Museum, which is weird because it’s a place I go to look at for “Uber” as well. They actually had a spy exhibition going on. It had the history of MI-6 and the Secret Service. As I was wondering around the place I thought, “You know this would be a really good place for a shootout.” Because there were these amazing V-2 Rockets and all this other great old tech.[/quote]