JEAN GREY #1 (Louise Simonson / Bernard Chang)

Marvel annonce une mini-série Jean Grey par Louise Simonson et Bernard Chang. Le #1 sortira fin août.

"Simonson will reveal senses-shattering new insights behind key moments in Jean’s past including her early days with the X-Men, her breathtaking first interaction with the Phoenix Force, her shocking confrontation with Madelyne Pryor, and more. Each chapter will be packed with heartbreaking secrets and pulse-pounding mystery as Jean discovers the truth of what’s happening and what she must do… From the ashes of Jean’z past comes the only hope for the X-Men’s salvation!

« After the events of the Hellfire Gala, Jean’s life is in shambles. Mutantkind is in dire straits – and there’s nothing this founding X-Man can do. She’ll have to save herself first. And that means looking into her past – for the moment when it all went wrong – in a desperate attempt to save her and all Krakoa’s future! »

« I loved writing X-Factor and Jean was a pivotal part of those stories, from the escape from her Phoenix-created cocoon to her life and death battle with the Goblin Queen in Inferno… So It’s really exciting to explore Jean’s part in this new mega-adventure, » Simonson said.

On Jean’s importance to the X-Men mythos, Simonson said, « Jean has always been a pivotal character, the fulcrum upon which so many vital story points balance. She has been constantly impacted by events outside herself and struggles to control the things she can. Her life experiences have made her cautious, less impulsive and certain than when she was younger. Her telepathic power lets her know the best and worst of those around her but she remains loving and empathic, with a strong moral core. She’s brave and constantly questions herself: Did I do what was right? »

Amy Reeder provides the #1 cover shown here.

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Un futur gala ?

Celui à venir (le one-shot à la pagination copieuse).

En temps marvel, il y a un gala tous les 15 jours ?

Tous les ans non ?

bah si krakoa a dejà trois ans dans le temps marvel, on est mal, marvel serait passé au temps réel. Difficile de garder spidey jeune à ce rythme.

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Pas sur le MCU.

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Tout de suite… le prisme de la multinationale. Ca biaise son avis.