Après Nelvana et Brok Windsor, Rachel Richey (Comicsyrup) et Hope Nicholson poursuivent leur résurrection des héros canadiens avec Johnny Canuck, personnage de strip “politique” créé au XIXème siècle qui a connu une seconde vie comme héros de guerre sous les crayons de l’artiste Leo Bachle (1941).

En 2010, le personnage a été réintroduit par Ty Templeton et David J. Cutler dans une série publiée par Moonstone sous le titre Johnny Canuck and the Guardians of the North!.

A noter que l’album Nelvana of the Northern Light sera réédité en octobre par IDW Publishing.

[quote]In order to explain Johnny Canuck, I think I should explain his creator. There’s always that question [as to whether] you can truly separate the creator from the creation or not, but in this case I don’t think you can. It’s really good to know Leo Bachle.

Leo Bachle tried to go to war when he was 15 and he got found out. They sent him back and there’s a lot of hearsay as to how he started with Bell Features, but his first character there was Johnny Canuck. You need to look at this character through the lens of a sixteen year old. When you read these comics you will see some of that idealism. Johnny Canuck is a pure hero. He has hair raising tales and daring feats. Canuck is this young Canadian who fights for all the Allies and he is the Canuck among the allies. He an agent and he’s a flying ace. As far as form goes, Bachle kept readers involved! He has arcs, which is interesting because story arcs weren’t common in the early forties. Johnny Canuck is broken up into seven arcs with a couple of singles. In his first story arc he goes to Libya, Germany, Russia, Tibet, China. He’s everywhere with the allies fighting the Axis. He’s a great character. I love Johnny Canuck.[/quote]


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