JONNA & THE UNPOSSIBLE MONSTERS #1-10 (Chris et Laura Samnee)

Double actualité pour Chris Samnee cette année. Parallèlement à la série Fire Power (scénarisée par Robert Kirkman, chez Image à partir de mai), le dessinateur de Daredevil et Black Widow lancera son premier creator-owned chez Oni Press en juin.

Co-écrit avec sa femme Laura, Jonna & the unpossible monsters est un comic-book pour la jeunesse (mais que les adultes pourront lire aussi) qui suivra les aventures de deux soeurs à la recherche de leur père disparu sur une planète peuplée de monstres.

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Chris Samnee :

"Reading books like Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra in Space , Judd Winnick’s Hilo series and Jeff Smith’s Bone with our kids really lit the fire under me to get started making something of my own. I’ve always had the urge to do something creator owned, but seeing how much the kids were enjoying these comics made me want to make something I could share with them.

« Ultimately we wanted to create a book that we could read with our children but something that would appeal to adults as well – and give me a chance to draw some monsters! Oni and James Lucas Jones were the first company to really take a chance on me by giving me my first real printed comics work – and it felt like a natural choice to come back to Oni with my first creator owned work. »

Sortie repoussée à janvier 2021.

Aperçu :




Ça me donne bien envie, ça…


Tu m’étonnes, c’est super beau !
Et j’ai l’impression de voir un parcours similaire à celui de Paul Smith quand il se lance dans Leave it to Chance !


Les couvertures variantes par Mike Maihack et Paulina Ganucheau :




(W) Chris Samnee, Laura Samnee (CA) Chris Samnee
Don’t miss the brand-new, original series written and drawn by Eisner-winner Chris Samnee! Filled with action, adventure… and monsters!

Rainbow has been searching for her sister, Jonna, for a year. The last time she saw Jonna was also the first time she saw one of the monsters that now roam the planet. They’re big, ugly, and dangerous creatures, driving humanity to the brink of extinction. Though there isn’t much hope for survival out in the wild, Rainbow knows that her sister is out there somewhere-and she’ll do anything to find her.
In Shops: Mar 03, 2021
SRP: $3.99




Bon, on n’en voit pas plus que ce qu’on avait déjà vu, mais une piqûre de rappel ne fait pas de mal !

Je remarque que c’est repoussé à mars, en revanche…


a VF est prévu pour la rentrée chez le nouvel éditeur 404.

« Nouvel éditeur » de comics… parce que ça fait un moment qu’ils existent, déjà.


Aperçu du #2 :






(W) Chris Samnee, Laura Samnee (CA) Chris Samnee

Jonna and Rainbow are searching for their father in the desolate, monster-infested wasteland that was once their world. After their last safe haven is destroyed by an errant monster, they find themselves in a hidden underground city.
Rainbow is intent on finding out the secrets of the bustling makeshift metropolis, but Jonna is a little busy-as she finds herself a sudden celebrity in the city’s sporting arena, thanks to her incredible strength and indomitable spirit!

« « A masterclass in visual storytelling. » » -
« « Jonna is an imaginative world that offers epic scale and mystery in equal measure. » » -"

In Shops: Aug 18, 2021

SRP: $3.99

La couverture du #6, prévu pour septembre :




(W) Chris Samnee, Laura Samnee (A/CA) Chris Samnee

The search to find their missing father has led Rainbow and Jonna through monster-infested wastes, desert lands, dank caves, and now, a hidden city. They have experienced the best and worst of humanity in their short time in the bustling, if ramshackle, metropolis. It’s safe to say that they’ve both had enough, so Rainbow ventures deep into the monster fighting pits to rescue her sister as only she can! One thing leads to another, and it’s dueling rescues in this incredible tour-de-force issue.

In Shops: Oct 27, 2021

SRP: $3.99

(W) Chris Samnee, Laura Samnee (A) Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson (CA) Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson
As Rainbow and Jonna continue to make their way in search of their missing father, they are drawn through monster-infested wastelands toward a spot on the horizon that seems to be surrounded by the strange creatures invading their world. Braving feuding kaiju and razor-sharp vines to get there is one thing, but will our favorite sisters be able to even get inside this mysterious zone when they do? Plus: the return of Gor and Nomi! This issue is 100 percent incredible high-octane action – not to be missed!
In Shops: 6/22/2022