JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #1-4 (Geoff Johns / Mikel Janin)

La Justice Society of America sera de retour en novembre dans une nouvelle série mensuelle signée Geoff Johns et Mikel Janin.

After making their long awaited return in the pages of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, the Justice Society of America (JSA) are back in “Justice Society of America: The New Golden Age Part One.” Or are they? A long-lost hero from the JSA crashes into our era with a grave warning…but it’s too late. A mysterious and malevolent enemy has invaded the entire history of the JSA, and an all-new team must come together to defeat it. But what deadly secret does this messenger from beyond keep? Where are they from? And why is all of this happening now? Only the Time Masters know…

“There will be familiar faces re-joining the team, like Jay Garrick and Alan Scott, as well as long-lost members returning, like Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez, and a new Golden Age legacy hero first hinted at in the end of Flashpoint Beyond. Mikel Janin is doing the work of his career on this,” added Johns.

Justice Society of America is an on-going monthly title written by Johns, featuring art by Mikel Janín (Batman), and the first issue will be available at local comic book shops on November 22.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by MIKEL JANÍN
Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE
’90s Cover Month variant cover by JOE QUINONES
1:25 variant cover by JERRY ORDWAY
1:50 variant cover by STEVE LIEBER
$3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
ON SALE 11/22/22

Justice Society of America 1_62fd81717b0817.63068559

“I’m happy to be writing these two titles (JSA & Stargirl), each one of them focused on celebrating and expanding the history (and far future) of heroism in the DC Universe, exploring unseen heroes, villains and adventures alongside the ones we all know and love,” said Geoff Johns. “Our goal is to delve into the neglected corners of DC with this new group of titles, from the JSA to the Legion, and all those who operate between. It’s the story of where superheroes came from, where they’re going and why they’re always needed.”

Couverture variante par Jerry Ordway :

Justice Society of America 1 1-25 Variant_62fd81cde2dea1.60601177


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Ça serait pas mal de lui confier autre chose qu’une couverture variante.


Peut être que cela l’inspirerait plus, en effet.

C’est pas beaucoup mais il dessine une partie du one-shot prologue :

Tant mieux.


Super news!

Je me remémore un tweet de Bryan Hitch qui disait ne pas avoir de nouvelles de son travail avec Johns justement, édité à la fin du one-shot Stargirl.

Bon, ben, c’est pas mal tout ça!

Justement, je finissais le second tome de l’édition Urban sur son run avec Alex Ross. Top!!

J’espérais un autre que Johns.

Ouuuh yeah !

Tynion? Assurément.

oui mais il est parti

Grant Morrison?


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En fait, tout le monde sauf Johns. Les comebacks ne fonctionnent quasiment jamais.

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On relance la discussion ?

J’aime pas garder la monnaie, je remets une pièce dans la machine.

Sur Hawkman, je veux volontiers qu’il revienne. C’est le meilleur truc que j’ai lu ces cinq dernières années.

Je le vois bien sur Supes perso. Moins sur un book team, je dois dire.

Si mon ex revient dans mon lit, j’espère le contraire!!! :rofl: