KAIJUMAX #1-5 (Zander Cannon)

La nouvelle série de l’artiste Zander Cannon (Top Ten, Heck) s’intitule Kaijumax et débutera en avril 2015 chez Oni Press. La série suit une prison de sécurité-maximum conçue pour les monstres géants (dits Kaiju).

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[quote]The idea of a ‘Monster Island’ was always an appealing one to me. Alan Moore made reference to it in one of the issues Top Ten that Gene Ha [did], and gave it a feeling of more of a big hangout for monsters. I liked that idea, and that general idea had been kicking around in my head for a long time. The thing that started to put it in place was that, a while after we adopted our son from South Korea, I ran across a DVD set for Ultraman in a store, and I thought it would be nice for him to have a kid’s show to watch that had an Asian hero. Little did I know how much he would love it — he and I would even give each other the “forearm zap” when I dropped him off at daycare — and in the course of me and my wife watching many, many episodes with him, I got sucked into the big-monster genre.

A little later, Ryan Browne and I had been trying to figure out something that we could work on together that he would draw and I would write. I was thinking about something that would play to his strengths — over-the-top monster designs, crazy violence — and I thought of my monster island, and then added the idea of Ultraman guards, making it a prison, and then crammed all that into a borderline-exploitation formula halfway between HBO’s Oz and Escape from Alcatraz. Ryan did some great art, and we were working to get it going, but his star was rising, and he got a great Kickstarter going for God Hates Astronauts and then got that going as a series, and far be it from me to stand in the way of someone’s dream project. So the series was kind of nowhere for a while, until Charlie [Chu] and James [Lucas Jones] at Oni asked if I might want to draw it myself, and — although my first response was “God, no, that sounds like a nightmare” — the rest is history.[/quote]


[quote] Kaijumax #1
Written and Illustrated by Zander Cannon
Published by Oni Press
On Sale April 8, 2015
Welcome to Kaijumax, where the worst of the worst monsters are safely locked away from the human world, whether they be villains, anti-heroes, eco-parables, or nuclear metaphors. Electrogor is ripped away from his family and struggles to determine whom to trust, which gangs to avoid, and when to take on the big man to show you aren’t to be trifled with. Also: the nation of Mecha![/quote]




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[quote]Kaijumax #3
Story by Zander Cannon
Art by Zander Cannon
Cover by Zander Cannon
Publisher Oni Press
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Jun 17th, 2015
MechaZon, leader of the Nation of Mecha gang, struggles with his pacifist stance when the monster he was created to destroy shows up at the prison. Also: A raid on a sulphur lab! Conspiracy! Beheadings! Vomit! And… adorable hallucinations?[/quote]

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[quote]The original thing I wanted was just a story about a Monster Island equivalent, to develop the personalities of all the monsters and see what they’d all talk about if they had human intelligence. But as a writer, I knew there wasn’t much there, so it was just another scrap of an idea in a drawer somewhere. I was talking with Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts) while he was in between projects, and we discussed working on something together. I doubt I would have had the impetus to really jump in otherwise, but the sort-of benign stress that comes from needing to come up with a solid concept from a couple random ideas is pretty fun, and it forces you to do good things.

So I figured the best way to get a bunch of monsters on an island and keep them there would be a prison, and with that would come all the prison drama tropes. Obviously, you could play it straight and talk about the challenges the humans would face keeping them inside, but again, I wanted it to be about the monsters and their personalities, so I opted for the more peculiar style I ended up with. From there, it was a lot of brainstorming and pretty much the most fun research you could ever ask for.[/quote]




[quote]Kaijumax #5
Story by Zander Cannon
Art by Zander Cannon
Cover by Zander Cannon
Publisher Oni Press
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Aug 12th, 2015
Whoofy, the chubby, flatulent, disappointing son of the legendary ApeWhale, has made a new friend at the prison: a mysterious young boy who claims to have dreamed himself there. All’s well until the boy starts putting some sinister ideas into his head. Also: Splattering guts! Half-assed police work! Home-brewed electricity! And… Chibi comics?[/quote]


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Gros lézard et prison pour la maison des indés avec Kaijumax aujourd’hui !