LAZARUS RISEN #1-3 (Greg Rucka / Michael Lark)

La série Lazarus de Greg Rucka et Michael Lark fera son retour en mars 2019 chez Image Comics.

Le titre sera relancé au numéro 1, avec un nouveau titre : Lazarus Risen. Et pour l’occasion, le premier numéro fera 64 pages.


Je n’avais pas du tout accroché au début, tiens, et complètement lâché…

Moi c’est tout le contraire, j’ai accroché immédiatement ; et je me languis de voir arriver la suite.

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MARCH 20 / 64 PAGES / FC / M / $7.99
“FRACTURE I,” Part One
LAZARUS returns in an all-new prestige format! New series, new story arc, new size, and a new quarterly schedule! Introducing a new ongoing LAZARUS series—at 64 pages, perfect bound, LAZARUS: RISEN continues the story of Forever and the Carlyle Family… featuring an oversized, 44-page story by Eisner winners GREG RUCKA and MICHAEL LARK, an all-new short story exploring the larger world of LAZARUS by Eisner-nominated writer LILAH STURGES, an all-new supplement to the Modern Age: World of Lazarus Roleplaying Game by Green Ronin, original design artifacts and art supplements, and more! Two years have passed since the Carlyle Family was betrayed in battle, and the Conclave War encroaches on every side. As a new era dawns, Johanna Carlyle goes on the attack to ensure the survival of her Family, relying on the loyalty and support of the Carlyle Lazarus—her sister, Forever—remaining at her side. And while their united front may be enough to turn the tide, the cracks are beginning to show…

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Merci, ces planches sont magnifiques (superbe effet dans la case 2 de la seconde planche). Et storytelling impeccable.


Written by: Greg Rucka.

Art by: Michael Lark.

Covers by: Michael Lark.

Description: « Fracture I, » Part Two: The alliance between Carlyle and D’Souza is nothing more than a trap-and now Forever must face not one, but two Lazari in a desperate battle to the death. And at Sequoia, Marisol finds herself following Eight’s footsteps into a snowy night. The secrets are beginning to take their toll, and when they come out, the results will be shattering. All this, plus artifacts from the firm of Trautmann and Howe, another installment of World of Lazarus: Tools of War, and original short fiction by award-winning author Adam Christopher.

Pages: 48.

Price: $7.99.

In stores: July 24.

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Lazarus Risen #3

Published: November 27, 2019
Diamond ID: SEP190199
Age Rating: M
Cover price: $7.99

“FRACTURE I,” Conclusion Revenge is a dish best served bloody. Forever faces the Zmey once again, but this time it’s a battle of a different sort. On the home front, Eight’s problems get worse, and Abigail breaks her silence. Featuring an all-new prose story by award-winning writer ANDREW CONSTANT, artifacts from the firm of Trautmann and Howe, an all-new World of Lazarus: Tools of War, and more…
Greg Rucka
Michael Lark
Cover A
Michael Lark



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