Lecture en ligne : A Certain Magical Index

(Den d Ice) #1

A découvrir dès le 4 juillet chez Ki-oon

[Lire l'article sur Manga Sanctuary](http://www.manga-sanctuary.com/news/12430/lecture-en-ligne-a-certain-magical-index.html)

(thefan92) #2

Une série que je vais certainement commencer.

(Verysmalllily) #3

moi aussi, elle est dans ma shopping list :slight_smile: deux volumes à la fois pour commencer c’est sympa… :wink:

(system) #4

A certain “queen of pithy one liners with the censorship skills of a North Korean bureaucrat” recently nuked a thread because someone dared to suggest that people quit smoking. Very nice highlight of the typical AA attitude on smoking.
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(system) #5

Hi, I am using the Lightbox Ultimate plugin on my site and also using the Yoast SEO Premium plugin. The SEO plugin is telling me that I am missing alt tags on some images on my pages. I checked with their support team and they indicate that when the Lightbox plugin calls for an image as an anchor for a video or picture gallery, it is doing so without an alt tag in the actual code. I am wondering if there is a part of the lightbox shortcode that would allow me to put an alt tag in for the anchor image of my YouTube video – if not I will simply ignore that error message.
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(system) #6

Denunciateli alla polizia postale del posto, io l’ho fatto… anche a Striscia la Notizia
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