MARVEL #1-6 (Alex Ross, collectif)


Written by Daniel Acuna, Hilary Barta, Steve Darnall, Doug Rice, Alex Ross
Art by Sal Abbinanti, Daniel Acuna, Hilary Barta, Alex Ross

As DOCTOR STRANGE continues to contend with the machinations of NIGHTMARE in the framing story by ALEX ROSS and STEVE DARNALL, a bevy of other creators lend their talents to tales from all across the Marvel Universe: DANIEL ACUÑA spins a saga of the DEVIANTS ascendant in the world of the future, DOUG RICE and HILARY BARTA explore the earliest adventures of DOCTOR DROOM during the time of the Marvel monsters, and Alex Ross and SAL ABBINANTI delve into the inner life of Ben Grimm, THE THING!




Chouette, du Hilary Barta !

Ouais, pareil : très content !


Il faut noter je pense le respect total des canons de Liefeld :
Personne n’a de pied.

Et la situation dans l’espace des personnages les uns par rapport aux autres est bancale. Tout y est !

The spectacular artist showcase of unbelievable illustrators continues! Gene Ha and Zander Cannon reveal an event-filled day in the life of Doctor Strange’s associate, Wong, Adam Hughes depicts Nick Fury’s final soliloquy at the end of the Second World War, and the Hulk and Wolverine do battle thanks to Mark Waid and Lucio Parrillo! All encapsulated in a larger story by Alex Ross, Kurt Busiek & Steve Darnall! No serious art-lover can afford to miss this series!

Written by : Zander Cannon, Steve Darnall, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Mark Waid
Art by : Gene Ha, Adam Hughes, Lucio Parrillo, Alex Ross
Cover by : Alex Ross
Page Count : 34 Pages
Release Date : February 17, 2021
Age Rating : 9+ Only

Alex Ross est vraiment en feu en ce moment.

Surtout sur Immortal Hulk avec le registre horrifique ou encore la couverture hommage à Liefeld avec des pieds en hors-champ (sur Amazing Spider-Man post-Secret Wars/pré-Spencer, Captain America & Iron Man, il reste déjà plus dans sa zone de confort).

Je pensais à Immortal Hulk et les couv de Marvel que je trouve sublime et qui sorte de sa zone de confort.

The overarching story of Doctor Strange’s battle with Nightmare concludes in spectacular fashion as illustrated by Alex Ross and Mitch O’Connell! And before that, Nick Fury battles a conspiracy to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. courtesy of Greg Smallwood, and the Silver Surfer returns to a dead Earth thanks to Lee Bermejo! It’s the best-looking release you’ll see all month!

Written by : Lee Bermejo, Kurt Busiek, Steve Darnall, Alex Ross, Greg Smallwood
Art by : Lee Bermejo, Mitch O’Connell, Alex Ross, Greg Smallwood
Cover by : Alex Ross
Page Count : 31 Pages
Release Date : March 17, 2021
Age Rating : 9+ Only

Purée, Smallwood en mode hommage à Wally Wood, ça tabasse !


Il passe du petit bois au bois tout court… Comme pour une flambée, en fait !
Et j’ai l’impression que cette flambée te réchauffe… ~___^