MARVEL ACTION : ORIGINS #1 (Chris Eliopoulos / Lanna Souvanny)

IDW ajoute un nouveau titre à sa collection jeunesse Marvel Action. Chaque numéro de Origins proposera deux histoires, la première consacrée aux origines d’un super-héros et la seconde sur celles d’un super-vilain. Spider-Man et Thanos seront ainsi au sommaire du #1 de cette série scénarisée par Chris Eliopoulos et dessinée par Lanna Souvanny.

La couverture du #1 par Lanna Souvanny :

Chris Eliopoulos :

« Creating a gateway for young readers to learn more about the amazing characters of the Marvel Universe is a dream job. In this series, readers are going to learn about the emotions and inner thoughts of these heroes and villains while learning about values and character. It’s a series that shows the character behind the characters! »

Lanna Souvanny :

"When I got asked to work on Marvel Action: Origins, I was super-excited… and to begin with Spider-Man, the very first Marvel superhero I’d met as a kid, it was perfect! « Nowadays, lots of kids discover superheroes through the movies, and Marvel Action: Origins is a great way for them to further explore their favorite characters through comic books. These are crucial chapters for younger fans, who identify and grow with the heroes as they become superheroes. »

A noter que Lanna Souvanny est la padawan de Paul renaud, donc toutes mes félicitations à elle !


Written by: Christopher Eliopoulos.

Art by: Lanna Souvanny.

Covers by: Lanna Souvanny, Silvania Brys.

Description: Share the most important moments in Marvel history with young readers – two at a time! First up: a science exhibit and a spider bite change Peter Parker’s life forever when he becomes Spider-Man! And if that weren’t enough – find out what set Thanos on his path of conquest!

Pages: 36.

Price: $4.99.

In stores: Feb. 3.