MILES MORALES : SPIDER-MAN #1-4 (Cody Ziglar / Federico Vicentini)

Après la fin du run de Saladin Ahmed (qui avait pris la relève de Bendis sur ce personnage), l’ongoing du jeune Spidey repart au N°1 à partir du mois de décembre, en parallèle de l’arc « End of Spider-Verse » et en amont de la sortie d’un film très attendu (Spider-Man : Across the Spider-Verse).

Ah faut voir car j’aime bien ce que fait Vicentini.

Premier aperçu de Rabble, le nouvel adversaire de Miles Morales :

In the new run, writer Cody Ziglar and artist Federico Vicentini don’t plan to pull any punches when it comes to putting Miles through the ringer, and the hero’s biggest defeat will come at the hands of Rabble. The tech-genius will use an army of drones and deadly never-before-seen gadgetry to upgrade Miles’ rogues gallery like never before. Relentlessly seeking to settle a long-brewing personal agenda against Miles, the mysterious villain is set to destroy every aspect of Miles’ life from his friends to his family. And that’s only step one of her plan.

What s at the root her deep hatred of Spider-Man? Fans will get their first hints about Rabble in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 but will have to wait until January’s #2 to witness her full fury. Check out her look in two variant covers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #2, a piece by Jonboy Meyers and a design variant cover by Federico Vicentini. Plus get a glimpse at her brutal takedown of Miles on the main cover of February’s #3.

« It’s fantastic to work on this new character, » Vicentini said. « I was given total freedom of creation. Based on Cody’s description and on his notes, I had a clear idea of how I wanted to portray the armor; it had to be something rough, but resistant and ingenious at the same time. And thanks also to the drones, Rabble’s gonna rock! Brace yourself, Miles! »

On connait son identité ?

Non. Les premiers indices seront dans le début de série…

Allez, je lance un truc à la con : je parie sur une femme.

et je rajoute love interest

Ouais. Y a de ça derrière ma supposition.

« Y en a aussi. »



(W) Cody Ziglar (A) Federico Vicentini, Bryan Valenza (CA) Dike Ruan, Bengal, Peach Momoko, Chrissie Zullo, G Olivier Coipel, Federico Vicentini, Mike Del Mundo, Taurin Clarke
SPIDER-MAN faces the strongest super-powered foes and most dangerous gauntlets the Multiverse can throw his way, and every time MILES MORALES falls, he rises again - stronger than before. Until now. There are some punches you don’t get up from and a new villain isn’t pulling a single one as they threaten everyone and everything Miles loves. Between school, home, his love life and battling super-charged and upgraded villains night and day - Miles is reaching his breaking point. And when this new foe is finished, Spider-Man’s world will be changed forever. Guest-starring MAC GARGAN, A.K.A. THE SCORPION! Don’t miss the next Marvel masterpiece from writer Cody Ziglar (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-PUNK) and artist Federico Vicentini (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, WOLVERINE)!
Rated T
In Shops: Dec 07, 2022
SRP: $4.99


(W) Cody Ziglar (A) Federico Vicentini (CA) Dike Ruan

MILES MORALES’ world is spinning out of control! A mysterious new threat is rising and coming at SPIDER-MAN hard, and if Spidey doesn’t fight back with everything he’s got-he could LOSE everything. What does this new villain have to do with MISTY KNIGHT’s investigation and a slew of upgraded foes, like THE SCORPION, terrorizing NYC? This battle is going to change Spidey’s life forever-someone’s not walking away from this one!
Rated T

In Shops: Jan 11, 2023

SRP: $3.99




Miles Morales : Spider-Man #3

Scénariste(s) : Cody Ziglar
Dessinateur(s) : Federico Vicentini, Bryan Valenza
Couverture : Dike Ruan, Alejandro Sánchez
Date de sortie : 01/02/23

Synopsis : PROCÈS PAR ARAIGNÉE, TROISIÈME PARTIE. ELLE EST UNE VRAIE FAUTEUSE DE TROUBLES ! Pendant des années, elle a comploté dans l’ombre… maintenant RABBLE est enfin prêt à lancer un assaut sur tout et tous ceux que MILES MORALES aime, mais pourquoi déteste-t-elle autant SPIDER-MAN ?! Quels secrets du passé de Spidey restent à révéler ? Pour lui survivre, Spidey devra d’abord survivre au SCORPION. Miles. Ne peut pas. Sauver. Tout le monde.



Written by: Cody Ziglar.

Art by: Federico Vicentini.

Covers by: Dike Ruan, Ryan Stegman, Chris Bachalo, Alex Ross.

Description: « Trial By Spider » continues! Can Miles Morales save everyone when he can’t even save himself?! Rabble’s all-out assault has left Spider-Man reeling, and he’s about to spin his last web. Miles can’t take much more…but Rabble’s just getting started.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: March 15.