MILES MORALES : SPIDER-MAN #1 (Saladin Ahmed / Javier Garron)

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Miles Morales aura droit à son “Fresh Start” en décembre…un “Nouveau Départ” marqué par la première série solo du jeune héros qui ne sera pas signée par son créateur Brian Michael Bendis, parti pour la Distinguée Concurrence.

L’équipe créative de Miles Morales : Spider-Man réunit Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt, Exiles…) au scénario et Javier Garron (Secret Warriors, Ant-Man & the Wasp) aux dessins.

Ci-dessous, la couverture du #1 par Brian Stelfreeze :

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Saladin Ahmed : “For my money, Spider-Man is, at his core, a teenage hero. In this book, Miles will be that Spider-Man: battling threats against the community and the city rather than the universe, and trying to do so while dealing with grades and bullies, family and botched dates. This is classic Spider-Man, but very much dealing with modern concerns and realities.”

I’ve not spoken to Bendis, but he is absolutely brilliant, and his writing was one of the things that brought me back to super hero comics after years away. So of course there’s some intimidation factor. But ultimately you have to just respect the work and creation of those who came before you while still being confident enough to put your own stamp on the stuff. Superheroes are myths built with layers of story. If other creators hadn’t gone on to help define Peter Parker after Lee and Ditko, we wouldn’t have the Spider-Man we know and love today.”

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Quand Saladin Ahmed répond aux racistes sur twitter :


arab guy writing spider-man

bigots whine
but oh well

racist crybabies
go to hell

you don’t own spider-man

et d’ajouter :

for those asking: yes this is absolutely about the fact that I get shitty comments every single day from shitty people

and though those harassers aren’t worth me engaging one on one, it feels good to be able to just say out loud ‘I’m writing good comics that people like and getting bigger and bigger gigs because of it so you can go stew in the fucking corner’

muting this thread because trolls, but to clarify: I’m not writing AMAZING SPIDER-MAN on the regular–doing the annual next week & MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN in December (covers by Aco and Brian Steelfreeze!) thanks for the support, comicdom! y’all (well 98% of y’all) are amazing

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Finalement, quand les auteurs des comics n’étaient pas indiqués, il n’y avait pas ces problèmes… T___T