MIRACLEMAN : THE SILVER AGE #0-4 (Neil Gaiman / Mark Buckingham)

La série Miracleman : The Silver Age de Neil Gaiman et Mark Buckingham a été déprogrammée par l’éditeur Marvel Comics juste après la conclusion de la saga The Golden Age (la troisième période étant simplement titrée The Dark Age).

Les numéros concernés seront re-sollicités plus tard dans l’année lorsque la Maison des Idées aura collecté suffisamment de matériel de la part des deux auteurs, et particulièrement de la part de l’artiste Mark Buckingham qui prend un repos bien mérité depuis la conclusion de l’œuvre Fables.

Notons tout de même que la première moitié de The Silver Age est déjà inscrite sur la planche à dessin puisque c’est juste après la conception des deux premiers numéros de ce récit que la série Miracleman fut annulée dans les années 90 en Angleterre.

Le premier recueil compilant les quatre premiers numéros de Gaiman et Buckingham débarque en France le 11 mai chez Panini Comics.

Profitons-en car le suivant ne devrait pas pointer le bout de son nez avant 2017, voire 2018.

Kimota !

Je n’avais pas remarqué mais ça m’étonnerait fortement.

Arf c’est long ><

Miracleman sera finalement de retour en octobre 2022, avec la fin annoncée de la saga The Silver Age.

MIRACLEMAN RETURNS: Marvel Comics had announced that Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham’s Miracleman: The Silver Age Saga will return in October. The two creators will complete their unfinished Miracleman storyline The Silver Age, including remastered editions of the first two published issues, complete with new artwork and bonus material.

The series will follow the previously announced Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham Book 1: The Golden Age TPB, the new collection containing the pair’s first Miracleman series.

« We’re back! And after 30 years away it is both thrilling and terrifying, » Buckingham said. "Neil and I have had these stories in our heads since 1989 so it is amazing to finally be on the verge of sharing them with our readers.

« I have pushed myself to my limit to craft something special for these issues. Cinematic in approach, clean and elegant, drawing on the best of my own style but also paying homage to the exceptional talents of all who came before us, whose unique visions have shaped this ground-breaking series over forty years, and the 1950’s Marvelman foundations on which it was built. »


Miracleman Man : The Silver Age #1 sera précédé par un #0 composé de plusieurs histoires courtes.

Forty years ago, Miracleman’s modern era began and changed the world of comics as we know it. Now, on the cusp of a new era of MIRACLEMAN, Marvel Comics is proud to celebrate all things Kimota in MIRACLEMAN #0! In this giant-sized one-shot, comic book visionaries Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham make their long-awaited return to Miracleman’s saga with a special story that leads into MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE #1! Also on sale in October, MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE #1 will see Gaiman and Buckingham’s return to their unfinished MIRACLEMAN epic, recreating and completing the most anticipated story in comic book history!

Joining Gaiman and Buckingham in MIRACLEMAN #0 will be an incredible lineup of industry superstars, each putting their own unique spin on the captivating MIRACLEMAN mythology with thrilling new stories! Here’s what fans can look forward to:

• Young Miracleman faces off against classic Miracleman villain Big Ben in an action-packed story written and drawn by Marvel superstar Ryan Stegman.
• Mike Carey and Paul Davidson introduce a new Warpsmith and explore how dangerous Miracleman’s god-like abilities can be in a riveting outer space adventure!
• Peach Momoko reveals the deadly price of Kimota’s power in a spellbinding—and terrifying—journey into the unknown!
• Miracleman meets his maker in an explosive and thought-provoking story by Jason Aaron and Leinil Francis Yu.
• Eisner Award-winning artist Ty Templeton examines Miracleman’s profound impact on the world around him in a series of comic strips!

And that’s not all! MIRACLEMAN #0 will also have an exclusive sneak peek at the new artwork Buckingham has completed for MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE #1!

Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO
Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
On Sale 10/5

Aperçu :


Written by: Neil Gaiman.

Art by: Mark Buckingham.

Covers by: Mark Buckingham.

Description: Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham’s unfinished storyline « The Silver Age » begins next month! In the late 80s, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham took over the saga of Miracleman to critical acclaim. The pair of comic visionaries expanded the Miracleman mythos with new characters and introduced the story of Young Miracleman. Their series was cut short mid-storyline almost 30 years ago, but now their Miracleman: The Silver Age saga will finally be completed.

Pages: 40.

Price: $4.99.

In stores: October 19.

Ils enquillent sur l’âge des ténèbres ensuite ?

C’est ce qui est prévu, vu cette phrase de la présentation Marvel…

After 30 years, fans will finally see the full incredible story of Young Miracleman with more to come!

Ah ouais, donc il a re-dessiné les pages. Je peux comprendre pourquoi. La différence graphique en 30 ans est assez importantes.
J’espère quand même que Marvel sera suffisamment intelligente pour proposer les deux versions dans le recueil.

(W) Neil Gaiman, Ryan Stegman, Mike Carey, Peach Momoko, Jason Aaron, Ty Templeton (A) Mark Buckingham, Ryan Stegman, Paul Davidson, Antonio Fabela, Peach Momoko, Leinil Francis Yu, Ty Templeton (CA) Alan Davis, Peach Momoko, Terry Dodson, Skottie Young
Forty years ago, Miracleman’s modern era began and changed the world of comics as we know it. Now, on the cusp of a new era of Miracleman, we celebrate all things Kimota with a who’s who of the best talent in the industry! Plus, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham set up this issue and their return to MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE!
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 05, 2022
SRP: $5.99

(W) Neil Gaiman (A/CA) Mark Buckingham, Jordie Bellaire (CA) Chris Sprouse, Phil Noto, Steve McNiven, Peach Momoko, Phil Jimenez
Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham’s unfinished storyline « The Silver Age » begins! Young Miracleman - the lost member of the Miracleman Family - is back! His last memories were of a 1963 world of joy and innocence. Now, he’s been thrust into the 21st century, where his best friends have become gods and monsters. Remastered with stunning new artwork by Mark Buckingham! Including material originally presented in MIRACLEMAN (1985) #23, plus bonus content.
In Shops: Oct 19, 2022
SRP: $4.99

Interessant mais on commence lentement.
Buckingham fait de superbes planches mais Gaiman pour l instant est assez sobre et classique

A voir

(W) Neil Gaiman (A/CA) Mark Buckingham, Jordie Bellaire (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli, Declan Shalvey
•Gaiman and Buckingham’s epic has returned and you won’t believe where the story goes.
•Miracleman has his old friend back, but Young Miracleman has never felt more alone.
•Where can a hero from a simpler time call home in this brave new world?
•Remastered from MIRACLEMAN (1985) #24 with stunning new artwork by Mark Buckingham!
In Shops: Nov 23, 2022
SRP: $4.99


Written by: Neil Gaiman.

Art by: Mark Buckingham.

Covers by: Mark Buckingham, Carlos Pachecho, David Aja, Skottie Moore.

Description: Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham present the first all-new chapter in « The Silver Age! » High atop the Himalayas, Dicky Dauntless searches to find his place in the Age of Miracles. He’ll make new friends and encounter a frightening, familiar face – Johnny Bates! It’s Young Miracleman and Kid Miracleman – face-to-face!

Pages: 32.

Price: $4.99.

In stores: December 28.


What are the Black Warpsmiths? Young Miracleman’s journey continues, and he finds companions on his quest to learn more about the world and about himself. They may not be the companions that Miracleman would have chosen, but will they be who Young Miracleman needs?


  • Writer(s): Neil Gaiman
  • Artist(s): Mark Buckingham
  • Colorist(s): Jordie Bellaire
  • Letterer: Todd Klein
  • Cover Artist: Mark Buckingham
  • Variant Cover Artists: John Tyler Christopher; Stephanie Hans; Marco Checchetto
  • Editor: Nick Lowe
  • Assistant Editor: Lindsey Cohick
  • Cover Price/Page Count: $4.99/ 28 pages

The early chapters of Miracleman’s unfinished storyline continue in MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE #4, on shelves & digitally Wednesday, February 8, 2023, from Marvel Comics.