MISTER MIRACLE : THE SOURCE OF FREEDOM #1 (Brandon Easton / Fico Ossio)

Après Future State, le scénariste Brandon Easton continuera de raconter les aventures de Shilo Norman dans une mini-série Mister Miracle intitulée The Source of Freedom.

Aux dessins, Brandon Easton fera à nouveau équipe avec son dessinateur de Marvel Action : Spider-Man, Fico Ossio.

"The ‹ Mister Miracle › show used to be the hottest ticket in town, whether you caught him onstage escaping from perilous traps or spotted him on the streets of Metropolis taking out bad guys. What Shilo Norman forgot is the first rule of both show business and being a superhero: always leave them wanting more. Now it’s time to start showing the world what a miracle man can really do.

« Showbiz/superhero rule #2: Timing is everything. There’s a new performer in town who wants to knock Mister Miracle off his pedestal and stake a claim to his famous moniker! Can Shilo break free of this trap? »

Brandon Easton :

« This series functions as a de facto origin story and a reintroduction of Shilo Norman. Fico and I have a fantastic opportunity to establish him as a major hero in the DC pantheon, while making him a more complex character. »

« The series will explore Shilo’s dealings with the trappings of celebrity, his understanding of the Mister Miracle identity and his possible connection to the New Gods, » Easton said. « We’ll also dive into what it means to be a Black superhero in a world where his heroism is in conflict with a society full of distrust and suspicion. »

La couverture du #1 par Yannick Paquette :

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Par contre, c’est l’un des derniers travaux de Yannick Paquette chez DC.

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Il a annoncé que son contrat avait pris fin en début d’année.

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