Voilà un livre qui va plaire à notre ami BenWawe : Mouse Guard : l’art des briques.

La célèbre “AFOL” Alice Finch et le groupe ArchLUG (déjà auteurs de Poudlard en 200 000 briques et La Terre du Milieu : Fondcombe en 400 000 briques) y dévoilent leur interprétation des souris médiévales de Mouse Guard d’après l’œuvre de David Petersen.

Notons que le diorama Mouse Guard a été présenté lors du Emerald City Comicon en 2015.

Mouse Guard: Art of Bricks sort le 29 juin chez Archaia.

[quote]Mouse Guard: Art of Bricks HC

Story by
Alice Finch
Art by
Alice Finch, ArchLUG
Cover by
Alice Finch

Cover Price:
Release Date
Jun 29th, 2016

What’s to Love: This takes two things we absolutely love and mashes them together: David Petersen’s Mouse Guard series and toy bricks! We can’t begin to fathom the imagination, time, and resources it must have taken to put together these toy brick re-creations but at 2015’s Emerald City Comicon, the Seattle-based toy brick builder club, ArchLUG, constructed an astonishing display of scenes and architecture taken from the pages of and inspired by Mouse Guard. For those who weren’t there and for those who were but want to relive every detail, this new art book is just for you!

What It Is: ArchLUG member Alice Finch previously gained acclaim for her 400,000-piece construction of Hogwarts and the 200,000-brick construction of Middle-Earth’s Rivendell with fellow ArchLUG member David Frank. Now, Alice and her team bring their imaginative construction skills to the world of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard, re-imagining some of the series’ most iconic moments and locations. This hardcover features hundreds of high-quality photos, chronicling the mind-boggling attention to detail paid to each individual construction, along with a breakdown of the process behind creating one of the dioramas. Includes a foreword by David Petersen.

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Impressionnant !
Je ne me suis pas encore penché sur Mouse Guard, mais c’est impressionnant ! Merci !