Archaia débutera fin juin la publication d’une deuxième mini-série anthologique dans la continuité des séries *Mouse Guard *de David Petersen.

[quote]Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #1
Story by David Petersen, Stan Sakai, Ben Caldwell, Nick Tapalansky
Art by David Petersen, Stan Sakai, Ben Caldwell, Alex Eckman-Lawn
Cover by David Petersen
Publisher Archaia
Cover Price: $3.50
Release Date Wed, June 26th, 2013
The 2011 Eisner Award winner for best anthology is back with a second volume! In a mouse tavern called the June Alley Inn, a new round of storytelling begins between the patrons. Their goal is to be declared the best story of the night in hopes of having their outstanding bar tabs cleared! Legends of the Guard continues the tradition of featuring hand-picked artists and storytellers by series creator David Petersen. This issue features Stan Sakai (Usagi Yokimbo), Ben Caldwell (The Dare Detectives!), and the Awakening team of Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn![/quote]

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