NIGHTWING #59-75 (Dan Jurgens / Mooneyham, Cliquet)

J’ai acheté le 70 il y a quelques temps et le 71 cette semaine, et cet arc est une bonne surprise. Un tie-in Joker War qui donne très envie de découvrir le 72…


Written by: Dan Jurgens.

Art by: Inaki Miranda

Cover by: Howard Porter.

Description: Dick Grayson has been many things in his life – Robin, agent of Spyral, even Batman…but will he have a choice when the Condors try to recruit him for their cause? And will they take no for an answer? A thrilling, high-octane adventure awaits over the skies of Gotham City!

Pages: 40.

Price: $4.99.

Available: June 16.

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La preview du 71 montre des dessins un peu « Scott McDaniel », non?

SMcD a vraiment marqué le personnage, je trouve.


  • written by DAN JURGENS
  • art by RONAN CLIQUET
  • cover by TRAVIS MOORE
  • variant cover by ALAN QUAH
  • Dick Grayson has learned the truth: that “fixing” his identity lies with none other than Barbara Gordon. He must go to Gotham to find Batgirl—and runs into The Joker’s new henchperson, Punchline. Unlike Harley Quinn, Punchline’s deadpan black humor matches the deadly knives she uses on her victims…and for her next joke, Ric Grayson is the punchline.
  • ON SALE 07.14.20
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | DC


Written by: Dan Jurgens.

Art by: Ryan Benjamin.

Covers by: Travis Moore, Alan Quah.

Description: The Joker knows Dick Grayson is Nightwing-and the plans The Joker has set in motion in this summer’s event « Joker War » will haunt Batman forever. Under the control of The Joker’s new henchperson, Punchline, Nightwing must battle the people he once loved most: Batgirl, the Robins, and… himself.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: August 18.

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The Joker has poisoned Ric Grayson’s mind with false memories and pitted him against Batgirl, the Robins, and Batman. As Batgirl realizes the key to ending this nightmare is through the crystal around The Joker’s neck, it’s up to Grayson to use it on himself and fight for who he really is: Nightwing! And if he doesn’t get stuck in his own memories, will he be able to rescue the Bat-Family from The Joker’s plans and end this cruel joke once and for all?

Written by : Dan Jurgens
Pencils : Ryan Benjamin
Inks : Richard Friend
Colored by : Rain Beredo
Cover by : Travis Moore, Alejandro Sanchez
Page Count : 25 Pages
Release Date : September 8 2020
Age Rating : 12+ Only

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Written by: Dan Jurgens.

Art by: Travis Moore, Ronan Cliquet.

Covers by: Travis Moore, Alan Quah.

Description: In the wake of « The Joker War, » Nightwing is back – but is he back for good? And does he remember Bea? With the help of Batman, Batgirl, his Teen Titans friends, and even Alfred, Nightwing must decide for himself which path to take. Then, when KGBeast discovers Nightwing is still alive, his street credibility is on the line if he doesn’t go to finish the job he started when he tried to kill Nightwing…and missed! Nightwing better watch his back is he wants to be back for good!

Pages: 48.

Price: $5.99.

In stores: Oct. 20.