NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK : WATSON & HOLMES vol.1 (Karl Bollers / Rick Leonardi, Larry Stroman)

When legends team up, it’s… Elementary! Hit imprint ‘Noir Is the New Black’ returns with two iconic characters, reimagined and reintroduced in ‘NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK: WATSON AND HOLMES, VOL. 1!’

Harlem, Now. A missing girl case brings together the most famous dynamic duo in the world for the first time!

Created by Brandon Perlow and Paul Mendoza, NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK: WATSON AND HOLMES, VOL. 1 reinvents the classic detective team from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a bold and diverse way. This reinterpretation features a mostly-black cast of characters in the neighborhood famously known as the beating heart of Black American culture for over a century.

Jon Watson is an Afghanistan war vet and works in an inner-city clinic. Sherlock Holmes is a local P.I. who takes unusual cases. Together, they race against the clock to find Trina, a missing girl tied to a web of drugs, guns, gangs and even a conspiracy!

Written by Eisner Award nominated author Karl Bollers (Marvel’s X-51, Muties, Emma Frost but also a respected editor at Valiant and Bad Idea) with art by legendary artists Rick Leonardi (X-Men, Spider-Man 2099,…) and Larry Stroman (X-Factor, Alien Legion), WATSON & HOLMES: Vol. 1 is a true gem of a graphic novel, and it comes with a brand new cover by superstar Khary Randolph (EXCELLENCE, Image Comics)!

First published by New Paradigm Studios, it won Glyph Comics Awards, was nominated at the prestigious Eisner Awards in 2014 and has been hard to find for a long time.

This new remastered edition brings the world of WATSON & HOLMES to a bigger worldwide audience through FairSquare Comics and the NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK label, distributed by Diamond Book Distributors. It comes with a brand new cover by superstar Khary Randolph (EXCELLENCE, Image Comics).

Quote from Fabrice Sapolsky, publisher, FairSquare Comics:

“It’s an honor to bring a series like Watson & Holmes to FairSquare Comics. Not only will the new edition allow a new audience to discover this instant classic, but we have big plans for these characters in the future. This is merely an hors d’œuvre, a starter, for these characters at our company.”

Launched in 2021 with the eponymous graphic novel anthology, NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK is now morphing into a full line of publications created by Black and African American talents. NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK PRESENTS: WATSON & HOLMES VOL. 1 is the first graphic novel in the collection and certainly not the last!

Je continue à penser que la colorisation sur des crayonnés, c’est une fausse bonne idée, mais bon, ça fait plaisir de revoir Leonardi…


Soit il est pas en forme soit la colo est vraiment dégueu, mais il y a un truc qui va pas.

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