OUR WORK FILLS THE PEWS (Vita A., Matthew Rosenberg / Liang)

Dans une Amérique futuriste où les minorités se sont retrouvées enfermées dans des camps spéciaux face à la montée en puissance des groupes fondamentalistes, Marcus, un chasseur de prime afro-américain homosexuel, traque les évadés pour garder sa liberté. Jusqu’au jour où il rencontre un petit resquilleur de huit ans…

C’est le point de départ de la mini-série Our Work Fills the Pews des scénaristes Vita A. & Matthew Rosenberg et de la dessinatrice Yasmin Liang. Le premier numéro paraitre en 2015 chez Black Mask.


writers Vita A. & Matthew Rosenberg
artist Yasmin Liang

What is it?
In the dark future of OUR WORK FILLS THE PEWS, the rise of fundamentalist groups and hardline political leaders has led America to a culture war it was not prepared for… when the dust settled, America had placed its own citizens in internment camps for the first time in 80 years. Camps for subversives, homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, the poor, the mentally ill… but the largest camps with the highest population of prisoners are the breeding camps where the women are held. Marcus, a gay black man, is a bounty hunter–he can stay out of the camps as long as he hunts down and arrests escapees… but he finds his conscience and his purpose when he comes upon 8-year old Sojourner and vows to sneak her across the border or die trying.

Why it’s awesome:
In the spirit of V FOR VENDETTA and Y THE LAST MAN, OUR WORK FILLS THE PEWS is a disturbing adventure that addresses who we are today and where we’re going as a society. Vita and Matthew know how to frame their story for thrills so the fantastically-bleak setting is no more overtly political than a Nazi or Soviet-set story, while through the darkness they reach deep truths. Yasmin’s soft-edged, emotive art eschews the grimdarkness of most dystopias and instead evokes the nuance and texture of an imperfect future.[/quote]

Le site de l’éditeur: blackmaskstudios.com