PENULTIMAN #1-2 (Tom Peyer / Alan Robinson)

(W) Tom Peyer (A) Alan Robinson © A: Alan Robinson B: Jamal Igle
Back from the future—again! Penultiman, The Next-To-Last-Stage In Human Evolution, is the greatest, best-looking, and most admired super-hero in the world! So how can he stop hating himself? His android understudy, Antepenultiman, thinks he knows the answer! Created by Tom Peyer (THE WRONG EARTH) and Alan Robinson (PLANET OF THE NERDS). Featuring a variant cover by Jamal Igle (THE WRONG EARTH, Black). Resolicited from the Plague Times – all previous orders have been cancelled. All AHOY books feature additional prose stores and art. October 7, 2020. ORIGINALLY SOLICITED FOR: May 6, 2020. $3.99

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Ah, ben voilà !

Bon, il est annoncé depuis un moment, mais le coronavirus est passé par là…


Tom Peyer, un pitch un peu barré, un premier aperçu frappadingue… Ça donne envie.


Ça donne carrément envie!
J’adore l’idée et le nom (ainsi que celui de son droïde).

La couverture variante du #1 par Jamal Igle :

Nouvel aperçu :

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Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Alan Robinson
Color Art by Lee Loughridge
Lettered by Rob Steen

His confidence shattered, 2020’s most magnificent superhero seeks reassurance from a strange source: his incarcerated arch-adversary, terror-scientist Zev Zollo! PLUS: text features and short prose fiction, illustrated to the ultimate!