Simple Frustration - Green Lantern

The Action Figures - Lois Lane

Meredith Monk - Gotham Lullaby
Je gruge un peu. Je suis quasi-sûr que ce n’est pas le Gotham cher à notre chiroptère préféré.

Morceau repris par de nombreux interprètes dont Bjork :

On va classer ça dans les « références indirectes »…^^

Bean - Lois Lane

D.O.A. - Phantom Zone

but they’re gone, yeah they’re gone. like forgotten words to a nameless song.
yeah they’re gone, yeah they’re gone. exiled to the phantom zone.

Lunatic Age - Jimmy Olsen

Class Three Overbite - Lex Luthor

(bah quoi, c’est le père de Spider-Man. ça compte pas ?)


Le père, c’est Richard.


Oh l’abruti ! :scream: :woozy_face:

Lego Batman le film - Who’s the (Bat)Man

The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Brainiac’s daughter

Brainiac’s daughter
Made me a suit of bricks and mortar
And a matching stove pipe hat, oh yes
Brainiac’s daughter
Took me on a sleigh ride underwater
And I’m crazy for girls like that
Oh yes sir, yes sir
Three bags full sir

All across the land the bells ring out
It’s night, sun shines bright
So I reach to hold her frozen hand in flight
As we alight in the bottle city of Kandor

Ookla the Mok - Bizarro World

Ookla the Mok - Everybody’s Kang the Conqueror

Sonic Youth - « Inhuman »

Encore une fois, pas sûr que ce soit la source d’inspiration du morceau mais par contre, en réponse, il y a un épisode des Inhumains de Paul Jenkins (1998) qui s’intitule « Sonic Youth »

Mutant Daisies - Lois Lane

A Sound of Thunder - My name is Doom (The Doctor is in) :

Behind the mask, I am your god
You can hide 'till you die
I will rule, with an iron fist
My name in all your cries

My name is Doom


Uncle Bonsai - Lois Lane

If only Lois knew
Clark Kent could see through her dress
She would have flown to his arms
And uncovered his « S »
She could have torn off his trousers
Discovered his tights
He wouldn’t put up a fight

If only Lois knew
That at the time of ascent
Superman blasted off
And there wasn’t no Kent
She would have clung to his wingspan
A fly on the wall
He wouldn’t let her fall