QUANTUM & WOODY MUST DIE ! #1-4 (Asmus / Lieber)

Après The Delinquents, le scénariste James Asmus accueillera le dessinateur du succès critique Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Steve Lieber, sur la reprise de la série Quantum & Woody sous-titrée Quantum & Woody Must Die !

Le premier numéro sortira en janvier 2015.


[quote=“James Asmus”]So much has changed around them that they start to wonder what the hell just happened and how they got there. There may be a little bit of an inception that they’ve fallen victim to, and these choices they’ve made in their lives may not be their own, and that will be part of the mystery of the first arc. It’s a continuation of our story.

Specifics of what we find: the guys are actually getting along, which doesn’t feel right at all. They’ve been in couples counseling, which might be the reason things are better – or it might be what’s making things worse. The goat is still pregnant on the verge of having a baby that they can’t figure out what’s actually happening. Regular science is not telling them what’s inside their goat right now.[/quote]

Le site de l’éditeur: http:valiantuniverse.com
Le site du scénariste: jamesasmus.wordpress.com

ça peut continuer à être très bon avec ces deux-là !

Voici les premières pages de Quantum & Woody Must Die !:

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STORY BY James Asmus
ART BY Steve Lieber
LETTERS BY Dave Lanphear
COVER BY Mike Hawthorne, Jonnie Christmas, Chip Zdarsky
PUBLISHER Valiant Entertainment
RELEASE DATE Tue, January 28th, 2014
Multiple Harvey Award nominee James Asmus (Quantum and Woody, The Delinquents) and Eisner Award-winning artist Steve Lieber (The Superior Foes of Spider-Man) are here to bring the most talked-about, most awardnot-winning-est heroes in comics to a whole new high! Unfortunately, there are a bunch of people that would like to kill them up there. They came. They saw. They pissed off a whole lotta folks. And now a team of mystery vigilantes has singled out the world’s worst superhero team for complete and utter destruction. The fi rst target: their minds! But who are these all-new enemies? Are Quantum and Woody hitting it off with a sexy duo of cat burglars? And, dear god, what have they done to the goat? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Sex Criminals isn’t the only comic that can quote Queen, comics fans - here come Quantum and Woody! (Or so they think! [Trippy, right?!])[/quote]



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[quote]QUANTUM AND WOODY MUST DIE! #2 (of 4)
Written by JAMES ASMUS
Cover by MIKE HAWTHORNE (DEC141722)
Variant Cover by JOHNNIE CHRISTMAS (DEC141723)
Variant Cover by SINA GRACE (DEC141724)
The fix is in – and award-winning creators James Asmus (Gambit) and Steve Lieber (Superior Foes of Spider-Man) are about to unleash a world of hurt on the world’s worst superhero mis-adventurers!
Quantum and Woody have been hyp-mo-tized! But why? And how did these two chuckleheads suddenly become the heroes and idols of millions? A sinister puppet master lays his cards on the table and activates his Manchurian Candidates. Because when the world’s worst superhero team swoops into action…Quantum and Woody must die!
$3.99 US | T+ | 32 pgs. | On sale FEBRUARY 25 (FOC – 2/2/15)[/quote]

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[quote]Quantum and Woody Must Die #3
Story by James Asmus
Art by Steve Liever
Colors by Dave McCaig
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Cover by Mike Hawthorne, Jordie Bellaire, Kano
Publisher Valiant Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Mar 25th, 2015
The darkness is now! The heroes of the Valiant Universe make their triumphant last stand at the end of all things as superstar creators Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera bring their magnum opus to its gut-wrenching conclusion!
The Immortal Enemy has all but won and only Bloodshot and Geomancer are left to stand against his darkness. Are they willing to save humanity if it means losing their own – and each other?[/quote]

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Dernier numéro !

[quote]Quantum And Woody Must Die! #4 (of 4)
Written by James Asmus Art by Steve Lieber Covers by Mike Hawthorne and Sina Grace

R.I.P. Quantum and Woody! A conspiracy is exposed! Plotters are thwarted! Would-be assassins get thoroughly trounced! Is there anything Quantum and Woody CAN’T do? But as the brothers settle into a steady rhythm, they discover the hard way that their lives will never be the same again. Not least because… UH-OHHHHH, THE GOAAAAAAT!![/quote]

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