QUARANTINE ZONE (Daniel H. Wilson / Fernando Pasarin)

Après s’être fait la main chez DC Comics en supervisant l’hebdomadaire Earth 2: World’s End et son successeur Earth 2: Society, le romancier Daniel H Wilson lancera Quarantine Zone sous le label Vertigo avec le dessinateur Fernando Pasarin.

l’histoire suit une force de maintient des zones de quarantaine dans un futur où l’humanité a été décimée par un techno-virus décrit comme la “source de tous les maux”.

Le premier numéro sort le 16 mars.

Le site de l’éditeur: vertigocomics.com

Quelques pages supplémentaires de Quarantine Zone suivies de la couverture par Massimo Carnevale :

[quote]Early on in the brainstorming process, I considered making the malnoro virus a man-made creation. Ultimately, I decided to make it an ancient, symbiotic organism that evolved along with humankind. It infects the frontal lobe and makes people capable of evil – and if the malnoro virus is removed, the ‘cured’ person is incapable of knowingly committing an evil act. So, if you can’t choose to be evil, can you really be good?

Not only are there no robots in Quarantine Zone, but there are no mad scientists either! Unbelievable, right? Instead of being a piece of biological warfare, the virus is an intrinsic part of humanity. It represents our moral capability to choose between good and evil, in large and small ways. And ultimately we find that the ability to be evil isn’t the same thing as being evil.[/quote]