ROBIN & BATMAN #1-3 (Jeff Lemire / Dustin Nguyen)

Après Descender et Ascender, Jeff Lemire et Dustin Nguyen reforment leur duo pour la mini-série Robin & Batman, un nouveau regard sur les débuts de Dick Grayson aux côtés du Chevalier Noir.


  • Written by JEFF LEMIRE
  • Art and cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN
  • $5.99 US | 40 PAGES | 1 of 3 | PRESTIGE
  • Variant by JEFF LEMIRE
  • 1:25 variant by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE
  • ON SALE 11/9/21
  • The world’s first sidekick is just starting out at the side of Batman, struggling to find his own path from personal tragedy to being a Super Hero. It’s an intimate look at the first growing-pains of one of the legends of Gotham City in this gorgeous, 40-page prestige format title.

En fait, Batman, c’est comme le pain à table chez moi. Y en a tout le temps et pour tout le monde,

1 « J'aime »

Et les bonnes boulangerie sont rares

Batman en fait c’est Jésus.

Qui est Juda ?

Dan Didio ?

Donc on est bientôt à l’ascension ?

Euh, non, l’Assomption.


Dans les deux cas, je dis « miam! »


Robin & Batman #1

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Dustin Nguyen

The legendary story of Batman and Robin has reached nearly mythic proportions: the crime-fighting Dynamic Duo, always one step ahead of the criminals they pursue and never meeting a case too big. This isn’t that story. This is the story of a young Dick Grayson, newly orphaned, struggling to find his way in a strange, difficult, dark new world…This is the story of Robin and Batman.

The bestselling creative team behind the Eisner-winning Descender , Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, reunite in Gotham City to tell the story of a remarkable young man learning to navigate an incredible new world!




Robin & Batman #2

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Dustin Nguyen

Dick Grayson is struggling in his training to be Robin, and the Batman decides the young man needs a break…and takes him to meet the Justice League! In an awe-inspiring moment, he meets the World’s Greatest Heroes…and their sidekicks! Will these teen titans get along?



To reconcile his trauma and move toward an optimistic future, Dick Grayson must first confront his tragic past. Unfortunately, that step includes a confrontation with an enraged Killer Croc, who is out for Grayson blood! This action-packed issue concludes the epic tale of a young man learning to live and love in a nightmarish world.

Written by
Jeff Lemire
Dustin Nguyen
Dustin Nguyen
Colored by
Dustin Nguyen
Cover by
Dustin Nguyen
About Book
Page Count
44 Pages
Print Release Date
January 11 2022