Written by Josh Trujillo, art and covers by Jarrett Williams and Tony Fleecs.

Based on the hit Season 4 of Rick and Morty, see some of your favorite new characters collide in Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart, a brand-new miniseries! See the outrageous S**t Dragons in an all-new, tantalizing adventure where only Morty can save them. And when Facist Teddy Rick shows up and ruins Rick’s ultimate vacation plan, no one is safe!

$3.99, available on Feb. 3.


Written by Brian Joines, art by Jake Elphick.

Lilya Litvak is destined to become the greatest female fighter pilot of all time, flying for the Russian Army in World War II against the Germans who conquered who home in Poland. But first she’s got to survive harsh commanders, sexist trainers and bad equipment before she’ll get the chance to face German planes and bullets.

$19.99, available on April 14.


Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, art by Justin Barcelo, cover by Tomas Oleksak.

Magic must breathe, and the natural world -the lungs of magic -has been destroyed and replaced with metal and false light. The Sowers of Dryad believe civilization must be destroyed in order to make way for nature, and the Glass family finds themselves right at the center of conflict between the new and old world.

32 pages, $3.95, available on Feb. 3.


Written and art by Wook Jin Clark.

Empathizing with others, understanding your feelings, learning to be selfless: these all sound like really hard things to do! Well, fear not: Come along with Gudetama, who’ll guide your way to learning things and more. Living selflessly is something many struggle with. Don’t worry, Gudetama does too, and wants to join you on your journey in finding the wonders of mindfulness. Mindfulness takes a lot of mental energy to wrap your brain around. Gudetama is here to help you become a better person…sort of.

$9.99, available on April 7.


Written by Kyle Starks, Tini Howard, art by Marc Ellerby, Katy Farina.

Another deluxe collection of Rick and Morty stories! Kyle Starks and Tini Howard team up to bring you a modern day vampire classic, « Let the Rick One In. » Then, will Rick’s numerous crimes against humanity doom his family? Find out in the Ball-Fondlers-to-the Wall-insanity of « The Rick Revenge Squad. »

$49.99, available on April 11.


Written by Ben Fisher, Emily S. Whitten, art by Michelle Nguyen.

It has been untold years since the Giants-That-Were disappeared, leaving behind the animals forever changed by their strange science. Now, granted the gifts of intelligence and self-awareness, the valiant Hamster Aquatic Mercenaries and their new allies, the Hamster Airborne Paratroopers, struggle to keep their hordes alive in a dangerous world.

In The Underfoot: Into the Sun, H.A.M. has joined forces with H.A.P., using their differing gifts and combined knowledge to explore new territory and aid « clients » with problems both on land and in the Great Wide above. After priceless Giants-That-Were artifacts vanish from storage and one of their allies is double-crossed by deadly « stingers, » H.A.M. and H.A.P. find themselves at the center of a plot far more sinister than anything they’ve faced before. But it’s not just supplies that have gone missing; hamsters have begun disappearing, too. The mysterious dots are finally connected when a third hamster colony arrives, bringing clues that reveal an insidious plan of annihilation by Hashak, leader of the « scales » and sworn enemy of the « fur. » Soon, Hashak will use the Giants’ deadly technology and the labor of kidnapped hamsters to complete her secret weapon. Will the three allied hamster hordes succeed in their most dangerous mission yet, or will everything-and everyone-they know succumb to Hashak’s terrible scheme?

Into the Sun, the second volume in the epic sci-fi series The Underfoot, is a fast-paced graphic novel full of daring escapes, heroic rescues, and devious cunning. It presents a world in which the tiniest creatures demonstrate the greatest feats of strength, courage, and friendship, leaving you fully invested in their furry fate.

$14.99, available on April 21.


Written by Eliot Rahal, art by Emily Pearson.

Chicago, 1941. A blood bank is held up in a robbery, but no cash is taken-only blood. It’s the latest in a string of similar robberies and as the United States prepares to enter World War II, FBI Agent Felix Franklin is certain it’s part of a wider plot to weaken the United States by depriving it of its blood supply. But the truth is much more sinister.

The four robbers are vampires: immortal, physically powerful, and after decades of honing their skills, practically untraceable. But time goes on and the vampires-who call themselves The Vain-stay the same in a world that is rapidly changing around them. As security measures evolve, stealing blood is harder every day. And with every decade that passes, Agent Franklin gets closer to finding them. Capturing them. Ending them.

$19.99, available on April 7.


Written by Eliot Rahal, art and cover by Emily Pearson.

It’s modern times for The Vain, and life has certainly changed. Their relationships have fractured, they’re close to being caught, and even blood goes bad. Just as their secret caches of healthy human sustenance runs dry, the news breaks – the government has developed synthetic blood that will never deteriorate. It’s time for one last big score!

$3.99, available on Feb. 10.