Sollicitations valiant - septembre 2014
Written by Jen Van Meter, art by Roberto de la Torre, cover by Travel Foreman.
Death was just the beginning… Doctor Mirage talks to the dead…but the only spirit Shan Fong can’t find is that of her late husband, Hwen. Instead, America’s favorite semi-retired paranormal investigator is haunted and raw, using her gift to solve homicides and bring peace to the recently bereaved. But when a big-time occultist with a classified military past hires her for a special job, Shan discovers a lead that might close the greatest mystery she’s ever tackled ñ how to get Hwen back. Now, Doctor Mirage must enter the undiscovered country and cross all the realms of the underworld, if she has any hope of rescuing the man she loves…or be forever lost beyond the earthly plane?
32 pages, $3.99 (Plus Edition, 48 pages, $4.99).
Written by James Asmus, Fred Van Lente, art by Kano, covers by Paolo Rivera, Juan Doe, Shawn Crystal
Well…that escalated quickly. Quantum and Woody and Archer & Armstrong are riding the rails looking for the lost treasure of the Hobo King. Each armed with one half of a mysterious map, these two tandems have unwittingly been pitted against each other in a four-way free-for-all…but can either team get along long enough to achieve their mission? The world’s worst crossover joyride is about to enter uncharted territory!
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Robert Venditti, art by Doug Braithwaite, covers by Doug Braithwaite, CAFU, Clayton Henry, Juan Doe.
That was just a battle… Now get ready for the war! X-O Manowar has played the ultimate gambit, and finally leveled the playing field against the villainous Armor Hunters. But the galaxy’s deadliest killers haven’t come this far just to surrender! Their final charge is now upon us…and it will take the combined powers of X-O Manowar, Unity, Bloodshot and the rest of the Earth’s most formidable heroes to save our world from a full-scale cosmic reckoning. Valiant’s biggest crossover event is out going with a BIG bang and, when the smoke clears, everything you thought you knew about the Valiant U will be forever changed
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Matt Kindt, art by Stephen Segovia, cover by Mico Suayan, Diego Bernard.
Last hope. Last stand. In the wake of Livewire’s stunning sacrifice, how will X-O Manowar, Ninjak, and the Eternal Warrior comes to terms? With a punishing revenge mission led by Bloodshot, that’s how! If it bleeds, they can kill it…and the leaner, meaner Unity team just became a living, breathing box of armor-piercing rounds. The Armor Hunters put Earth in their bullseye… Now, the bullseye bites back! ?
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Robert Venditti, art by Diego Bernard, cover by Diego Bernard, Rafa Sandoval.
Armor Hunters: Aftermath! The world has changed for Aric of Dacia – the armored earthbound hero known as X-O Manowar. Unable to protect his friends and allies from the interstellar hunters sworn to kill him, the Visigoth warrior who would be king now recoils from the horrendous fallout of his actions – even as a threatening new future looms. Everything changes now!
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Joe Harris, art by Trevor Hairsine, covers by Philip Tan, Khari Evans.
ALIENS VS…BLOODSHOT! M.E.R.O. headquarters has been evacuated, and Bloodshot is the only thing left standing between the alien prisoner called Malgam and the outside world. Battle-worn and brutalized, can Bloodshot survive one final confrontation with an extraterrestrial foe augmented by the unholy power of the X-O Manowar armor? If you thought the first two chapters were hardcore, stay out the splash zone because the Armor Hunters just picked the wrong soldier to fuss with!
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Joshua Dysart, art by Robert Gill, covers by Lewis LaRosa, CAFU.
Harbinger team-up! Mexico City just became ground zero for the Armor Hunters’ invasion of Earth, and the runaway army of super-powered soldiers called Generation Zero needs to bring in back-up. Better call…the Renegades?! But when powerhouse brawler Torque and lighter-than-air free spirit Zephyr join the fight, things are about to go from bleak to brutal as the Earth’s first extraterrestrial invasion force unleashes an engine of global destruction that with one sole purpose ñ to terminate…with extreme prejudice.
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Joshua Dysart, art by Rafa Sandoval, covers by Lewis LaRosa, Glenn Fabry.
Toyo Harada strikes back! In the aftermath of the tragic firestorm between the world’s most powerful omega-level psiot and his wayward heir, casualties were claimed on both sides. Now, the last remnants of each opposing force – the Harbinger Foundation and the surviving Renegades – have been shattered and driven deep underground. But Toyo Harada – newly exposed as the world’s foremost superhuman – has no one left to stop him…and his greatest work can finally begin…
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Karl Bollers, art by Clayton Henry, covers by Clayton Henry, Pia Guerra
Sister. Sweetheart. ASSASSIN! Archer and Armstrong…and Mary-Maria?! Archer’s beloved foster sister and world-class hit-woman-for-hire, Mary-Maria, takes center stage for the very time in a high-stakes tale of hot-headed teenage temperament and tantalizing target practice! In search of her own origins, get ready to see the world through the eyes of Valiant’s number one knife-wielding love interest – just as the world of Archer & Armstrong hurdles towards next month’s colossal, issue #25 game-changer!
32 pages, $3.99.
Written by Joshua Dysart, art by Clayton Henry, Khari Evans, cover by Mico Suayan
The Renegades thought they could get their old lives back. They thought they could bring down Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation. They were wrong. And now one of them will die. Once again, Peter Stanchek and the Renegades are on the run with the combined forces of the Harbinger Foundation and Project Rising Spirit closing in on all sides. This time, however, the team’s newest member, Ax, has left a trail of leaked classified information that could win the day – but also put the few loved ones they have into dire peril. Collecting « Resistance » and « Death of a Renegade » from Harbinger #20-25.
104 pages, $14.99.
Written by James Asmus, art by Tom Fowler, Kano, Wilfredo Torres, cover by Tom Fowler.
There’s a new scourge sweeping the streets of the big city ñ ROBO-CRIME! Eric needs to know he can trust Woody – and that means Woody needs to get a job, open a bank account, sign up for a library card, and do all the things a responsible adult does. But when a new gang of rogue mad-scientist super-criminals launch a wave of robot-enabled mega-crimes, will Woody stop them…or join them? Plus: the return of Edison’s Radical Acquisitions and the thrilling secret origin of… the one and only Goat! Collecting QUANTUM AND WOODY #9-12 and QUANTUM AND WOODY: THE GOAT #0.
115 pages, $14.99.