SPACE BASTARDS (Eric Peterson, Joe Aubrey / Darick Robertson)

Humanoids publiera à partir de janvier 2021 sa nouvelle série Space Bastards. Le dessinateur Darick Robertson fera équipe avec les scénaristes Eric Peterson et Joe Aubrey pour déchaîner le plus violent et le plus corrompu…service postal de la galaxie !

In SPACE BASTARDS, violence is everywhere. Corporations are exploiting the weak and disenfranchised. And while America has taken to the cosmos, scientific advancements and technology have outpaced civilization as we know it. Even getting mail between planets is damn near impossible. Enter the Intergalactic Postal Service, a deadly organization with a brutal, mercenary business model. Whoever delivers the package gets the cash. And every delivery can be made by any means necessary.

Darick Robertson :

“I have long admired Humanoids for the quality material they publish. I guess it was time to lower the bar. SPACE BASTARDS is a longtime brainchild of Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey, their labor of love that I brought my own brand of crazy to with my character designs and storytelling. It’s a fun world, where things like science don’t get in the way of the fiction. It’s a wild ride.”

Eric Peterson :

“Darick Robertson’s art for the seven-part story ‘Tooth and Mail’ is gritty, sleazy and hyper violent. It really sets the tone for the series.”

Un titre pour Manti !!!