SPIDER-MAN #1 (Dan Slott / Mark Bagley)

Ce n est pas raccord avec grand chose.


ComicBook.com: What led you to come back to Spider-Man after you spent the last couple of years on Fantastic Four ?

Dan Slott: « I cannot quit this character. He is my favorite character in all of fiction. Suck it, Hamlet. What it really was like, people would ask me when I was leaving Amazing Spider-Man, « Will you ever come back to Amazing Spider-Man. ? » And my answer was always, « Never. I never want to do that again. I never want to do it twice a month. » It was very much like if you’ve seen that clip or that GIF of Lucy from I Love Lucy at the chocolate factory. »

« The second you finish one issue, you’re getting another one out. To do it that quickly, you always have to write stories out of sequence so the next artist can start their story. So you’re always writing chapter one of this story, chapter four of that story, chapter two of that story. And I was like, « Gah ! » I always said getting the gig was a monkey’s paw. »

« You got your greatest wish, but not the way you want it. Being able to write adjectiveless Spider-Man, being able to write just Spider-Man and do it once a month, everything I’ve always wanted. This is kind of like coming back to Spidey on my own terms and going, « Oh, yeah. I could write one issue of Spidey for the rest of my life. » Never want to do anything else. It’s great. And I get to do it with Mark Bagley ! That’s insane. »

Nouvel aperçu :

Ben Dan Slott est devant Bendis non ? Sauf si on compte les Miles Morales

Pas selon Slott (Bendis a aussi écrit la version 616 dans New Avengers).

Ha oui ok, j’avais pas compris qu’on comptait toutes les apparitions du personnage.

Slott veut le prix