SPIDER-MAN SPECTACULAR #1 (Caramagna / Collectif)

Spider-Man Spectacular #1
Story by Joe Caramagna
Art by Scott Koblish, Tim Seeley, Jacopo Camagni, Cory Hamscher
Cover by Patrick Scherberger
Publisher Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date Wed, June 25th, 2014
• Four titanic tales set in Spider-Man’s past!
• Young Peter Parker has mastered his newfound spider-powers, but how will being the Amazing Spider-Man affect his personal life?
• Can Peter keep his secret identity from Aunt May, and his high-school crush Liz Allan?
• Spider-Man’s luck is about to get worse, as an experimental serum transforms millionaire Harry Osborn into the villainous Green Goblin!
• Spider-Man soon finds himself locked in a battle high above the streets — with Aunt May caught in the middle! Can Spidey triumph with a little help from his new fan club?
• When Kraven the Hunter puts Spider-Man in his sights, can the webbed wonder save himself from becoming the catch of the day?




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