Spines design different for Omnibus

Hello, I have noticed several times that spines design from Dark Horse are different. Do you know why ? Does it important in term of rare book shelf numbers ?

I saw one with « Print in Hong kong » and other one with « Print in China »


I guess there’s no particular reason, except some graphic evolution decided by the various powers that be at Dark Horse. I assume the change of printer is not implied in this, since printers usually follow printing materials that are sent by the publisher.
More relevant, I notice that the « Dark Horse » mention on the spine has been changed to « Dark Horse Books ». Maybe the publisher wanted to put this brand in brighter light, in order to discriminate from the regular floppies or the more expensive artbook or whatever. Changing the brand would have implied to change the design.
Just my thoughts : I may be wrong.


And the spine is not the only change that occured for the Dark Horse Omnibus collection. Not so long ago, the format of the books like Grendel and Nexus was 15.21 x 22.81 cm. But since the reedition of The Mask (maybe before) we have a more regular format in hand, 16.94 x 25.91 cm.
Much more appreciated I have to say. It’s particullary difficult to read the second and third Grendel for the text is so tiny some times.

Thanks guy ! I will appreciate your replies :slight_smile: