STAR WARS : BOUNTY HUNTERS #1-40 (Ethan Sacks / Paolo Villanelli)

Written by: Ethan Sacks.

Art by: Lan Medina

Covers by: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Chris Sprouse.

Description: A new era for the Bounty Hunters! In the aftermath of the battle with Inferno Squad, Valance and T’onga are joined by the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy… Khel Tanna! Deathstick! Durge! … and Boba Fett?!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: June 21.

Written by: Ethan Sacks.

Art by: Lan Medina.

Covers by: Marco Checchetto, Chris Sprouse, Jerry Ordway, Salvador Larroca.

Description: Boba Fett: marked for death! The Black Sun Syndicate wants Boba Fett’s head! But the new team of Bounty Hunters has something to say about that! Featuring Durge, Bossk, 4-Lom, Zuckuss, Deathstick, Valance, Khel and T’Onga!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: July 12.


THE HAUNTING SECRET MISSION OF JANGO FETT! The BOUNTY HUNTERS must contend with the looming shadow of the sins of BOBA FETT’S father! What is the secret that lurks on the mysterious droid outpost, THE HAVEN? Who is TARR KLIGSON and what is his connection to Jango Fett?


  • Writer: Ethan Sacks
  • Artist: Davide Tinto
  • Colorist: Arif Prianto
  • Letterer: Travis Lanham
  • Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto & Marcio Menyz
  • Variant Cover Artists: Alex Maleev; Ryan Brown; Giuseppe Camuncoli; Chris Sprouse
  • Designer: Nick Russell
  • Senior Editor: Robert Simpson
  • Editor: Danny Khazem
  • Assistant Editor: Mikey J. Basso
  • Format: Ongoing
  • Cover Price/Page Count: $3.99/28 pages


(W) Sacks, Ethan (A) Davide Tinto (CA) Marco Checchetto

Turned into a mindless killing machine, VALANCE is out to eliminate his former crew! Do BOSSK and ZUCKUSS stand a chance? Can even the mighty DURGE stop him? And TARR KLIGSON’S SECRET PLAN is finally revealed!
Rated T

In Shops: Oct 04, 2023

SRP: $4.99

Written by: Ethan Sacks.

Art by: Davide Tinto.

Covers by: Marco Checchetto, Mike Del Mundo, Ben Harvey.

Description: The Shocking Betrayal! – A Dark Droids tie-in! The Galaxy’s deadliest Bounty Hunters must stop a corrupted Valance! Even if it means his death!!! Enemies become desperate allies! And who is the wolf in the fold in the Bounty Hunters’ midst?

Pages: 32.

Price: $4.99.

In stores: Nov. 22.

C’est quand même fou que la série SW la plus intéréssante visuellement soit la plus « osef » …