STARHENGE #1-4 (Liam Sharp)

Liam Sharp (The Green Lantern) proposera sa relecture du mythe arthurien à partir de 2022 chez Image Comics. À la croisée de plusieurs genres (aventures, science-fiction, horreur…), Starhenge sera publié sous la forme d’un cycle de mini-séries de six épisodes.

Liam Sharp :

The first six issues will come out next year and then the plan is to keep doing at least six issues a year after that. For now it’s intended to be four volumes of six issues each, but it could grow…
The series will be focusing on Merlin, who’s origin in this version is bigger and more epic than has ever been previously suggested. It will be an deeply researched historic fantasy, and a sci-fi epic spanning centuries. It’s also a romance - naturally!
There will be adventure and magic, battles and horror, heart-break and intrigue. The future of literally everything is at stake…

The covers represent future (Merlin) present (Amber Weaver) and past (Arthur). I have some amazing variants by some incredible creators I can’t wait to share down the line too. Let your LCS know what’s heading their way…

Ouuuu je prends ca

Même avec Sharp ?

Pour compléter l’info, en plus des issues et du TPB qui seront publiés par Image, il y aura une version Kickstarter.
Info par Liam Sharp lui-même via son instagram.

Since Image said it was OK for me to mention it in an interview, I’m letting you know here that they will be publishing my #StarHenge comic series and TPB next year in June, with the oversize collector’s hard back coming via KS and Sharpy Productions.

C’est bien ça qui me retient, oui.

Ah j’ai confondu avec toi alors.

Surtout avec Sharp sur ce genre de sujet




Rhââ, comme à la fin des années 1980.


C’est bien là où ça peut le faire oui (mais pourquoi Bat et Cat :sob::sob::sob:)

Où sont les FF ?

Y’a 4 boules à gauche

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Written by: Liam Sharp.

Art by: Liam Sharp.

Covers by: Liam Sharp, Chris Weston, Ben Templesmith, Christain Ward, Ryan Browne, Matylda McCormack-Sharp.

Description: Sharp cuts loose in his visually stunning six-issue masterpiece, Starhenge, Book One! A future Merlin travels to 5th-century Britain to prevent monstrous time-traveling killer robots from robbing the universe of magic, and Amber Weaver’s lively present-day narrative reveals how she becomes drawn into a war across time! The Terminator meets The Green Knight in 30 enthralling story pages, setting the scene for this original epic inspired by the Arthurian sagas!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: July 6.






Arriving: August 10, 2022
Diamond ID: JUN220322
Age Rating: M

Cover price: $3.99
MERLIN persuades KING AURELIUS to allow him to start the construction of STONEHENGE. Meanwhile AMBER and DARYL reunite under less than ideal circumstances in Brighton, as future MOR-DREADNAUGHTS prepare to hunt them!

Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp, Matylda McCormack-Sharp
Cover A
Liam Sharp
Cover B
Liam Sharp




Arriving: September 7, 2022
Diamond ID: JUL220246
Age Rating: M
Cover price: $3.99

MERLIN and UTHER go to battle in HIBERNIA before stealing the giant stones off of Mount Kilaraus with the help of CERNUNNOS. AMBER and DARYL visit STONEHENGE and later face an unexpected horror…

Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp




Arriving: October 12, 2022
Diamond ID: AUG220233
Age Rating: M
Cover price: $3.99

AMBER and DARYL battle the MOR-DREADNAUGHT revealing unexpected things about both of them! MERLIN conspires to arrange the birth of ARTHUR the once and future king.