STONEHEART #1-6 (Emma Kubert)

Emma Kubert—the artist behind Frank Miller’s Pandora and Image Comics’ Inkblot and Radiant Pink series—will bring readers a whimsically twisted new tale in the upcoming, Stoneheart. This new ongoing action/adventure fantasy series is set to launch in March 2023 from Image Comics.

In Stoneheart, the bubbly and headstrong Shayde Whisper has been inexplicably exiled from her magical guild and relocated—left only with vague memories and romanticized hope. But when she hears a sinister voice in her head that awakens a power beyond her comprehension, she’ll traverse her past and present to unravel her prestigious place within the mystical land of Athea!

“Stoneheart introduces a new perspective on the hero’s journey and a deep dive into our capabilities of great good and great evil. I began this series simply as a catharsis to help me deal with the many worldly problems my generation is facing today, but it slowly culminated into a confrontation of my inner monologue," said Kubert. "The art, the writing, and the lettering is all a reflection of myself and my dedication to the industry and craft. Through humor, adventure, excitement, action, and love, Stoneheart confronts our inner self-worth and creates an entirely new fantasy; a fantasy where we strive for peace.”

Stoneheart #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, March 8.

Stoneheart will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.



Series: Stoneheart

Published: May 10, 2023
Diamond ID: MAR230185

Cover price: $3.99

New friends come at a price. Shayde Whisper is thrilled in her new found friendship with the handsome Eldon Redwood, but with the ever growing presence of the mysterious voice and powers, this “friendship” may be sending her in the wrong direction.





Series: Stoneheart

Arriving: July 12, 2023
Diamond ID: MAY230285

Cover price: $3.99

As they’re finding a way to escape Lightspring Canyon Eve splits Shayde Whisper and Eldon Redwood up and forces Shayde to fight in an underground gambling ring. Scrambling emotionally compromised and under stress Shayde unfortunately falls short.



Series: Stoneheart

Arriving: August 9, 2023
Diamond ID: JUN230360


Cover price: $3.99

Shayde Whisper and Eldon Redwood’s plans to flee LightspringCanyon go awry when they entangle Lightspring guards, resultingin an all-out gang war and the appearance of familiar comradesfrom the past. The dubious duo set sail to answer the never-endingquestions surrounding Shayde Whisper and who she really is.