Takeru de Terasawa adapté par Miike

Toujours selon le site d’Animenewsnetwork :

*Takashi Miike, the one-time cult director who has entered the Japanese mainstream with his live-action Yatterman and Crows Zero films, will helm a US$30-million live-action film adaptation of Buichi Terasawa’s Takeru adventure manga. The manga follows Takeru Ichimonji, a ninja in a fictional land that borrows elements from both ancient and future Japan.

Yoshiya Nagasawa is writing the film, and Nagasawa’s own Real Products company is producing the film with Thailand’s Local Colour Film, as well as with Chinese and Korean partners. The Hollywood Reporter newspaper says that the script has “an A-grade Pan-Asian talent list,” and Nagasawa adds that the film will employ green-screen techniques. The film is tentatively slated to open in October of next year after Thirteen Assassins, another film that Miike is directing. Other projects that Miike has directed included Audition, Ichi the Killer, MPD Psycho, and the Great Yokai War.

Terasawa adapted his Takeru story into a full-color digital manga, and the software distributor Eagle Peak released an English version of the digital manga on computer CD-ROM in 1996. Terasawa also created the Space Adventure Cobra, Goku - Midnight Eye, and Kabuto manga — all three were eventually animated. Last June, Terasawa said that he received an offer for a live-action Hollywood film adaptation of his Cobra action manga. *

Plusieurs choses à retenir : tout d’abord, comme l’indique le titre, le manga de Buichi Terasawa “Takeru” va se voir adapté par le cinéaste japonais Takeshi Miike à qui l’on doit MPD Psycho, Ichi the killer et dernièrement Yatterman et Crows Zero (préquelle du manga Worst dont la publication en France a été avortée). Bref, un grand cinéaste qui sait en plus adapter des mangas. L’autre info de l’article suit la même voie que beaucoup d’autres : Terasawa aurait reçu de la part d’Hollywood une proposition pour l’adaptation de Cobra en live…