THANOS: A GOD UP THERE LISTENING (Rob Williams / Collectif)

Le site amazon a révélé la publication prochaine d’une mini-série Thanos: A God Up There Listening, en 6 numéros, scénarisés par Rob Williams, à travers les sollicitations d’un recueil du même nom pour décembre 2014. L’histoire suivra Thane, le fils de Thanos, dans sa quête pour découvrir ses origines et, par conséquent, son avenir.

A noter que le recueil comprendra Thanos Annual de Jim Starlin et Ron Lim.

Le site de l’éditeur:

Ah tiens, c’est pas con de confier les rênes d’un perso majeur au scénariste le plus nul évoluant chez Marvel ces dernières années, en exagérant à peine (remember « Ghost Rider » ? Moi oui. Brrrrrrrrrr…).

Il s’agira en faite d’une nouvelle série digitale appartenant à la collection Infinite Comics lancée en 2013 avec Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted. Les dessinateurs des premier numéros seront Paco Diaz, Iban Coello et Neil Edwards.

[quote]I really haven’t, and one of the interesting things about it for me was that it’s writing Marvel Style by the nature of the process. That’s not something I’ve done.

Rob Williams explores Thanos’ legacy on his son Thane in « Thanos: A God Up There Listening, » Marvel’s newest Infinite Comic

Friends of mine have. Al Ewing is quite a strong proponent of it. Al has said to me, « You should try it! It’s great! » I wasn’t sure though. I’ve written full script for about 10 years and I didn’t like the idea of suddenly losing the ability to detail the individual visuals.

It’s an interesting process because it makes you concentrate more on the major character beats and character arcs. You leave the visual storytelling more to the artists. So in that sense it was fun, exciting, and kind of a bit different. It’s good to shake up your work processes every now and again.[/quote]


[quote] A war between Thanos and Ego The Living Planet. Which is a kind of a ‹ mic drop › if there ever was one. That’s enormous fun to write and hopefully to read. It certainly looks great and out art team have delivered on some huge visuals here. Thanos hears the legend of Ego, this wandering living planet, and it offends him. So he hunts Ego down with his fleet, White Whale-style. He wants to kill Ego and create an undead planet that he can use as his flagship. A sort of cosmic, evil pimp my ride.

And this is all seen through the eyes of Thane, of course. Thanos’ son who is attempting to discover his legacy. Thane is determined to not become his father’s son, and the only way he feels he can ensure that is by educating himself about his father’s actions. So he seeks out a telepathic alien who was part of Thanos’ crew years ago, so he can ‹ see › his father first hand. This is a key moment in Thane’s journey into discovering who he will become. A force for good or a force for something other.[/quote]