THE BIG BURN #1 (Joe Henderson / Lee Garbett)



Two damned lovers try to steal back their souls from the devil himself in DSTLRY’s heist meets horror title The Big Burn.

This July, the acclaimed team behind the Eisner-nominated Skyward and Shadecraft reunites for a new heist. Lucifer co-show runner Joe Henderson and Uncanny Spider-Man and Loki: Agent of Asgard artist Lee Garbett have revealed The Big Burn, a horror-fantasy crime thriller about two thieves who break into the underworld to steal back their souls, for a descent into damnation that’s equally sinister and scintillating.

he Big Burn revolves around Owen and Carlie, a modern Bonnie and Clyde whose extra-legal misadventures take an unexpected turn when they strike a Faustian bargain, trading their souls for freedom. The pair soon realizes the true cost of the trade, as their existence has decayed into a loveless, joyless hell all its own. The former lovers devise a play to assemble a team and orchestrate the ultimate heist: breaking into hell to reclaim their souls.

But instead of traversing a a traditional torture chamber that spans nine circles, the newly damned criminals will discover a lively casino of souls where the house has always won. Will Owen and Carlie be able to play a sleight of hand that beats demonically high odds?

The Big Burn debuts this July from writer Joe Henderson, artist Lee Garbett, colorist Lee Garbett, and letterer Simon Bowland with two open-order covers from Garbett and Tula Lotay (Somna).