THE CURSE OF BRIMSTONE #1-12 (Justin Jordan / Philip Tan)

The Curse of Brimstone Annual #1
DC Comics
Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Mike Perkins
Backup Art by: Donald Hudson, Denys Cowan
Cover by: Philip Tan

In this thrilling new annual, Brimstone and Annie are called to help prevent a cult from bringing their god to life via a sacrificial ritual…by none other than John Constantine! Then, explore the origins of Wandering Jack. Plus, witness some of the supernatural deals the Salesman has made throughout the ages. (When you bargain with the devil, prepare to be burned, people!)

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Storytellers: Denys Cowan & Justin Jordan
Dialogue: Justin Jordan
Inker: John Stanisci
Colorist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Wes Abbott

Part one of the epic two-part series finale! After unleashing his raw dark-matter energy and melting Doctor Fate’s helmet, Brimstone’s newfound powers have alerted forces much darker than the ones he’s come across so far. As the home office opens its doors to finally enter into our reality, you’ll never believe the first fiery presence to step through!

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Un aperçu du 12ème et dernier numéro :


(W) Justin Jordan (A) Denys Cowan, John Stanisci (CA) Eduardo Pansica

It’s the epic finale! As Brimstone struggles to fight the Dark Multiverse beings who managed to come through from their “home office” to our world, the chance to lift the curse of Brimstone is offered! But with Annie’s life in the grip of the Salesman, Brimstone is forced to choose between his only family left and the sanity left in him.

In Shops: Mar 06, 2019

SRP: $2.99

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