THE EXPANSE #1 (Corinna Bechko / Alejandro Aragon)

Boom! Studios publiera à partir de décembre une mini-série The Expanse dont l’action se déroulera entre les saisons 4 et 5 de la série de science-fiction disponible sur Amazon Prime Videos.

Par la scénariste Corinna Bechko (Green Lantern : Earth One) et le dessinateur Alejandro Aragon (Resonant).

THE EXPANSE picks up with Chrisjen Avasarala at the end of the television show’s fourth season. The longtime Secretary-General of the United Nations finds herself dealing with the outcome of the tumultuous elections for her position and far from Earth but not its politics. When Bobbie Draper - a former Martian marine - brings Avasarala intel on an intergalactic black market weapons ring, Avasarala sees a chance to reclaim her political position through a clandestine operation. But as Draper digs deeper into this secret cabal, she soon realizes the threat they pose is far larger - and closer to home - than either of them ever imagined.

Corinna Bechko :

« I couldn’t be more excited to add a piece to the universe of THE EXPANSE !” It’s a show I both adore and admire, so the chance to craft a noir-tinged plot involving two of my absolute favorite characters from the series makes me feel like the luckiest writer around. »