THE FLASH #30-52 (Venditti, Van Jensen / Brett Booth)

L’éditeur DC Comics a enfin dévoilé l’équipe créative qui s’occupera de la série “The Flash” après le départ de Francis Manapul et Brian Buccelato. Il s’agit des scénaristes Robert Venditt****i et Van Jensen, actuellement à l’œuvre sur la série “Green Lantern Corps”. Ils seront accompagnés du dessinateur Brett Booth.

Dès leur premier mois sur la série, les trois auteurs ré-introduiront le personnage de Wally West (plus connu comme le deuxième Flash de DC Comics avant le New 52) via un 3ème “Annual” de la série.

Flash #30”, premier numéro de leur “marathon”, sortira en avril 2014. Ci-dessous, les couvertures de “The Flash: Annual #3” et “The Flash #30”.

[quote=“Robert Venditti”]From a very young age, one of the first things you want to be able to do is run fast," the writer says. "You don’t want to fly, you don’t want to have a ring that makes constructs out of light. It’s just a simple, basic thing: ‘I want to be able to run fast.’

"It’s ingrained in our DNA, and here’s a character that lives that out.[/quote]

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Brett Booth ?
Purée, le choc est rude.


Là, je suis un petit peu bouleversé…

Passer de Manapul à Brett Booth…Pfff…

C’est se prendre un mur à grande vitesse ! :mrgreen:


[quote=“Robert Venditti”]We’re definitely going to be using the procedural elements of Barry working the crime lab a lot. That’s one of the great strengths that Van brings to his writing, his background and experience working as a crime reporter. So we’re definitely going to lean into that.

And I would say there’s also going to be middle-America elements to what we’re writing, trying to focus on Central City, especially in the wake of Forever Evil. This was one of the cities that was hit hardest by that event.

The first arc is going to be a really important arc for Barry and his character, in terms of his power set, and in terms of how we expand the supporting cast, introducing new villains, using pre-existing villains, and all sorts of things.[/quote]


[quote]THE FLASH #30
Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
1:25 MAD Variant cover
On sale APRIIL 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
An all-new creative team makes its debut to show the deadly consequences of The Flash’s speed powers. During the traumatic events of FOREVER EVIL, Central City suffered the worst that the Crime Syndicate could dish out. Now The Flash has returned to make things right, but there are limits to what even the Fastest Man Alive can do![/quote]


Written by: Robert Venditti, Van Jensen.
Art by: Ron Frenz, Brett Booth.
Cover by: Brett Booth.
Description: The start of a major new arc for the Fastest Man Alive! In the future, The Flash is a broken man. His powers have failed him time and again at great cost to him and the city he has sworn to protect. Now he’s coming back to 2014 to stop the one event that destroyed his life. Meanwhile, in the present, Barry Allen must contend with thieves trying to capitalize on the devastation of Forever Evil. It’s a tale of two timelines that ushers in one of DC’s most storied characters - featuring The New 52 debut of Wally West!
Pages: 48.
Price: $4.99.
In stores: April 30. [/quote]


Ah, un épisode qui s’intitule “Slip”, voilà qui devrait plaire à Nikolavitch.


[quote] Then on top of that, Wally coming from a background where he’s somewhat estranged from his father, which is in keeping with original Wally continuity — you know, he really looked up to his Uncle Daniel, who the Flash ended up putting in prison.

So in some ways, Wally’s the 12-year-old kid who’s had a bit of a rough go, and he’s trying to cope with it as best as he can, and he’s sort of lashing out in this way, almost like a form of protest against the Flash.[/quote]


[quote]THE FLASH #31
Written by: Robert Venditti, Van Jensen.
Art by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund.
Covers by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Michael Allred.
Description: Continued from The Flash Annual #3! Guest starring Future Flash, Future Mirror Master and…Wally West! The future is invading Central City and the fates of Wally West and his Aunt Iris hang in the balance!
Pages: 32.
Price: $2.99.
In stores: May 28. [/quote]


[quote]THE FLASH #32
Art by: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth
Cover by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
Variant cover by: Ant Lucia
Written by: Van Jensen, Robert Venditti
U.S. Price: 2.99
Flash Facts for this issue:

  1. The Flash confronts the serial killer stalking Central City!
  2. Barry tries to repair his fractured relationship with Wally West!
  3. Future Flash continues to move toward the present for a final confrontation with one of the Rogues! Who will he kill next?
    U.S. Price: 2.99
    On Sale Date: Jun 25 2014[/quote]


[quote]The Flash #33
Story by Robert Venditti, Van Jensen
Art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
Colors by Andrew Dalhouse
Cover by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
Publisher DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date Wed, July 23rd, 2014
Future Flash fights Future Trickster! In the present, Barry solves a murder case, but he’s about to be murdered by the killer himself! Will he be fast enough to save both timelines?[/quote]


[quote]THE FLASH #34
Written by: Robert Venditti, Van Jensen.
Art by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund.
Covers by: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira.
Description: Time is getting closer as Future Flash reaches the point that broke his spirit - Wally West’s death - while Wally meets his uncle Daniel, the Reverse Flash, and Barry Allen is trapped in the middle!
Pages: 32.
Price: $2.99.
In stores: August 27. [/quote]


Writer: Robert Venditti/Van Jensen
Penciller: Brett Booth
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Cover: Booth/Rapmund
On sale SEPTEMBER 24
32 pg, FC • RATED T
3-D Motion Edition: $3.99 US
2-D Standard Edition: $2.99 US
It’s the final showdown between The Flash and his future self for control of the Speed Force – with Wally West’s life hanging in the balance![/quote]


[quote]THE FLASH #35
Art by: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth
Cover by: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth
Variant cover by: Ryan Ottley
Written by: Van Jensen, Robert Venditti
It’s The Flash vs. Future Flash as these two super-speedsters battle for the fate of Wally West! Will a Flash die?
U.S. Price: 2.99
On Sale Date: Oct 22 2014[/quote]


Je suis en train de bouquiner la reprise par Venditti et Jensen, et c’est plutôt pas mal. Un Flash du futur qui répare ses erreurs, un Flash du présent qui se retrouve pris dans les rets de la famille West, une enquête qui met en avant la jugeote de Barry Allen… Le tout me semble un peu inspiré de la période Mark Waid (que je considère comme sans doute la meilleure contribution au personnage), et s’inscrit totalement dans la tradition de la série (les Rogues, les voyages dans le temps…).
C’est plutôt très agréable à lire, dynamique, plein d’idées (notamment, plein de vilains nouveaux). Le seul gros défaut, c’est Brett Booth, qui fait son possible et qui bosse avec honnêteté (et qui tient le rythme, ce qui devient rare de nos jours), mais qui dessine hélas comme un pied. Les décors sont ridicules, les personnages sont inexpressifs… Avec un bon dessinateur, ça ressemblerait à une excellente période.
Si Brett Booth ne vous fait pas trop saigner les yeux, tentez le coup, c’est super agréable.



[quote]Flash #36
Out of time! The Flash is trapped in a bizarre, lost land terrorized by castaways from the past, present, and future. But that leaves Central City without a hero…or does it?[/quote]