THE GIRLS OF DIMENSION 13 #1-2 (Graham Nolan / Bret Blevins)

GIRLS OF DIMENSION 13 #1 / $4.99 / 32 Pages / Color / On Sale 4.21.2021

  • Writer: Graham Nolan
  • Artist: Bret Blevins
  • Colorist: Greg Wright
  • Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
  • Cover: Bret Blevins w/ Greg Wright
  • Incentive Cover: Graham Nolan w/ Greg Wright
  • Four young women are brought together by a mysterious invitation to live in a creepy building in NYC. They soon learn that the building houses a portal to the other twelve known dimensions, and that a malevolent creature known as Abraxis has bound these dimensions together, enslaving them to his will. For centuries, the portal has been guarded by a gatekeeper to prevent the evil on the other side from gaining access to OUR dimension.
  • Now the gatekeeper, Anna Nightlinger, is missing, and the only thing standing in Abraxis’ way is a quartet of young women with powers and abilities they don’t even know they have…for now.

Premier aperçu de cette nouvelle publication Aftershock :

Couverture variante par Graham Nolan :

Rhôôô, Blevins !


Il lorgne vers le style européen ?

J ai cherché l encreur, pas sur d apprécier, il n y en a pas, c’est donc le rendu qu il recherche.

C’est à cheval entre ce qu’il faisait dans The Trouble With Girls et dans Stellar.


Tu as lu ? Tu conseilles ?

Stellar, voilà ce que j’en disais :

Trouble with Girls, j’en ai un excellent souvenir, c’est marrant, déconnant, une parodie de James Bond sexy mais grand public.


Ah oui, je me souviens maintenant de ton retour sur stellar.

C est vrai que Keating est désarçonnant. J ai un faible pour sa Glory. Et faudrait que je relise son prophet.


Story by

Graham Nolan

Art by

Bret Blevins

Colors by

Gregory Wright

Letters by

Carlos M. Mangual

Cover by

Bret Blevins, Gregory Wright


AfterShock Comics


3.99 (USD)

Release Date


GIRLS OF DIMENSION 13 #2 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / On Sale 5.26.2021

Writer: Graham Nolan

Artist: Bret Blevins

Colorist: Gregory Wright

Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

Cover: Bret Blevins w/ Gregory Wright

The girls go into training under the tutelage of the wizard/dog, Pitch, to master their mystical skills. And not a moment too soon as the mysterious Levi Skeggs and his minions, come gunning for the girls to take “the chosen one” to the dimensional demon, Abraxis!