THE LAST BOOK YOU'LL EVER READ (Cullen Bunn / Leila Leiz)

Son livre est accusé de provoquer littéralement la chute de la civilisation…et elle est bien décidée à le promouvoir !

Comme il le fait à peu près tous les mois, Cullen Bunn lance un nouveau titre horrifique, cette fois chez Vault Comics. Dessiné par Leila Leiz (Alters), The Last Book you’ll ever read débute en juillet.


Last Book follows Olivia Kade, the author behind Satyr , the most controversial book in the world, a book so potent and provocative that it’s getting blamed for the breakdown of the civilized world as acts of violence break out everywhere people are reading it. Still, Olivia is determined to go on a book tour to promote Satyr , even if it means her own life is in danger.

Cullen Bunn :

“With this story, I’m exploring some concepts and themes that really trouble and frighten me," Bunn explained. "This is a story of fantasy and supernatural horror, but the themes and concepts haunt me like a ghost in the dark. The Last Book You’ll Ever Read is about the collapse of society, about the descent or de-evolution of mankind. The book referenced in the title is the Bible of this massive shift. In ourselves. In our friends and neighbors. In our culture. In the world around us. Reality itself is becoming more fierce and wild, and it is taking us with it.

Is the ‹ last book › sort of a doctrine to what is coming? Is it somehow bringing about this cataclysmic reckoning? Not even the author of the book, Olivia Kade, seems to know. She knows only that the people around her want her dead because of the words she’s written. She hires a security consultant, Connor Wilson, to protect her. In order to protect him, she asks that he never reads her work. From that moment forward, the fates of Olivia and Connor are intertwined. And they are facing a horror of unbelievable proportions. This isn’t a story about the end times. It’s about a new beginning that is violent and terrifying.”

Ah tiens Leila !