THE MADNESS #1 (J.M Straczynski / ACO)

AWA Studios annonce The Madness, la nouvelle mini-série de J.M. Straczynski dont la publication débutera en août. La partie graphique a été confiée à ACO, qui avait déjà dessiné American Ronin pour l’éditeur.

The new series, drawn by ACO and published by AWA Studios, follows Sarah Ross, a young woman with amazing powers who has been stealing from the rich. This brings her to the attention of some very bad people, one of whom targets Sarah for assassination. While she escapes, her family is killed in the hit. Grief-stricken - and dealing with the sudden appearance of an imaginary friend - Sarah sets out to get revenge.

Straczynski said of the new series: « I love writing stories about atypical heroes. I wanted to play with the idea that we all have another side of us deep within that isn’t comparable to what we show people in everyday life. And - when that part comes out - how destructive it can really be, regardless of intent. It was a joy to develop Sarah, a complicated and passionate lead character seeking accountability, in the world that is The Madness, especially working with a talented artist like ACO to bring it all to life. »