THE MIGHTY VALKYRIES (Aaron, Gronbekk / de Iulis)

Après King in Black, Jason Aaron et Torunn Gronbekk continueront de raconter les aventures des Valkyries dans une nouvelle mini-série dessinée par Mattia de Iulis.

The Mighty Valkyries #1 sortira en avril.

"Jane Foster believed she was the only Valkyrie left – but the fight against Knull, the King in Black, proved her wrong. Now the Valkyries must redefine their roles in a changing world – and Asgard’s not going to make it easy. When Loki comes to Jane with rumors of a beast stalking the souls of Midgard, she leaps into action along with the mysterious new Valkyrie who just made her highly-anticipated debut in King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #1. But does Jane’s new ally have other priorities? Years ago, this ancient warrior made a promise to a woman she loved. And now, it’s time for her to follow through.

« This story is big, cosmic, and mythical, » Gronbekk said. "The wolves are let loose, an old god is back, and life is finding its way into Hel. People are dying on Midgard, and even Loki has a part to play – which is rarely a good sign for, well, anyone but Loki. Though our Valkyries begin the journey in two different galaxies, their paths soon meet. But there are twists and turns in their way, and nothing and no-one is quite what they seem. They will have to ask the right questions and make hard choices before they can unravel the mystery they both find themselves in.

"I could say that it’s a story about ancient magic, dying worlds, talking horses, and forgotten forces, and while that would all be true, it’s also about finding back to life – after loss, illness, stagnation, and imprisonment.

« And, look, I’ve never been more excited about a book. Writing Jane is always a joy, and the newest Valkyrie – or the oldest, if you will – is proving herself a bad-ass delight. Mattia De lulis is taking every opportunity to show that he’s not only a brilliant artist but a masterful storyteller, and I’m in awe of the work he’s doing on these pages. This book feels very much like a labor of love, and I’m so thrilled we finally get to share it with the world! »