THE OCCULTIST #1-5 (Tim Seeley / Mike Norton)

En octobre, le scénariste Tim Seeley et le dessinateur Mike Norton (Revival)) lanceront la deuxième mini-série The Occultist chez Dark Horse.
Ayant survécu aux mages-assassins et au démon Swordbreaker, l’occultiste doit maintenant déchiffrer le livre de l’épée; un grimoire qui détient les clés de sa survie.

[quote]When the Sword, a mysterious book of powerful spells, binds itself to him, the fact that Rob’s life has been falling apart doesn’t seem like such a big deal. To survive, Rob must learn to control the book’s unpredictable magic, while his life slips even further out of control…

An evil witch doctor wants the Sword to reject Rob, now known as the Occultist, by deciding that he is a bad host in the ongoing war against the realm of the dead. The solution lies in a Catholic schoolgirl who dabbles in death for a quick high.[/quote]

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[quote]The Occultist #2
Story by Tim Seeley
Art by Mike Norton
Colors by Allen Passalaqua
Cover by Steve Morris
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.50
Release Date Wed, November 6th, 2013
Introducing the Providences! A trio of Catholic school students who dabble in the occult—and they take our hero on a wild and dangerous out-of-body trip that is literally out of this world! How far will they go, in search of the ultimate high?[/quote]


Written by: Tim Seeley.
Art by: Mike Norton.
Cover by: Steve Morris.
Description: The final showdown! The Occultist faces off against the evil wizard who wants to steal our hero’s power! In the midst of a bloody confrontation, learn the secrets of the villain’s ruthless past, as well as the true purpose of the Occultist!
Pages: 32.
Price: $3.50.
In stores: Feb. 5. [/quote]