THE REANIMATOR : THE ETERNAL LIE (Cullen Bunn / Blacky Sheperd)

Après la mini-série Vampirella vs ReAnimator, le scénariste Cullen Bunn et le dessinateur Blacky Sheperd font à nouveau équipe pour une suite directe de la nouvelle de H.P. Lovecraft, Herbert West Reanimator.

The ReAnimator : The Eternal Lie est un one-shot de 48 pages au format Prestige. Sortie prévue en avril.


Cullen Bunn :

“There have been so many incarnations of Herbert West, but we’ve been given the opportunity to take the character back to formula, if you’ll pardon the pun. This story finds West in the 1920s, not long after the conclusion of the original short story. From there, we were able to go in some sinister new directions I think readers will love.”