THE SHADOW MASTER SERIES, Vol.1-3 (Helfer/Sienkiewcz, Baker)

L’éditeur Dynamite Entertainment inaugure sa nouvelle collection de recueil The Shadow Master avec le début de la série The Shadow de Andy Helfer et Bill Sienkiewicz parue initialement chez DC Comics en 1987.

[quote]The Shadow Master Series TPB, vol. #1
Story by Andy Helfer
Art by Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Publisher IDW
Cover Price: $24.99
Release Date Wed, February 19th, 2014
Religion, violence, smooth talking criminals, and the rough city streets—when it comes to the Shadow, this classic late 80’s story arc is incomparable. Corporate greed and cults clash when a religious group that follows the “Light” attempts to get their hands on a mysterious briefcase owned by the formidable businessman of Nissetco, Geng King. Whatever’s in that brief case is a hot commodity—bringing out old and new foes for the Shadow to take down. However, with Inspector Cardona stalking his every move, it’s no easy task for the Shadow to bring justice to a morally corrupt city.
For the first time in decades, the acclaimed 1987 Shadow storyline by industry icons Andy Helfer and Bill Sienkiewicz sees print in a gorgeous collection from Dynamite Entertainment! Beginning with the seminal tale "Shadows and Light,” this first volume of The Shadow Master Series captures the surreal artistry and mystery by one of yesteryear’s finest creative team-ups, a definitive exploration of the macabre Master of Men in six chapters![/quote]

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ce serait cool qu’Helfer ponde un scénar ou deux pour boucler le run avec Kyle BAker.

[quote]The Shadow: Master Series TPB, vol. #2
Story by Andy Helfer
Art by Kyle Baker, Marshall Rogers
Cover by Kyle Baker
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $24.99
Release Date Wed, June 25th, 2014
Throughout the decades, The Shadow has served as a timeless agent of justice, bringing death and disaster to tyrants and criminals alike. During the decadent 1980s, this mysterious Master of Men faced perhaps his deadliest opponents yet: the Seven Deadly Finns, a crime family gripping New York City in a stranglehold. When The Shadow’s network of agents applies pressure to their vast operations, the Finn brothers push back, enlisting serial killers and terrorists into their ranks. The violence escalates, leading to an explosive confrontation atop the Empire State Building and a shock ending which no one — not even The Shadow — could know! This second volume of The Shadow Master Series collects the critically acclaimed “Seven Deadly Finns” storyline by Andrew Helfer and Kyle Baker, as well as Helfer and Marshall Rogers’ prologue “Harold Goes to Washington,” in which The Shadow races to save President Reagan from a most unlikely assassin![/quote]


Hum, Sienkiewcz et Baker visiblement inspirés à l’époque, ça fait envie. Ça valait quoi côté scénario ?

[quote]The Shadow: Master Series, Vol. #3
Story by Andrew Helfer
Art by Kyle Baker, Joe Orlando
Colors by Tom Ziuko
Letters by Bob Lappan
Cover by Howard Chaykin
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $24.99
Release Date Wed, January 21st, 2015
The Shadow is dead, a victim of a biological weapon… but his soul survives! Believing that their father’s ultimate fate rests in the hidden city of Shambala, the twins Chang and Hsu-Tei carry The Shadow’s body deep within the Tibetan mountains, only to find themselves hunted by Chinese authorities and the outlaw denizens of a town called Malice. Meanwhile, without their master’s guidance, the agents of The Shadow struggle to find their place in a violent, corrupt world. Intent on curing the disease of crime, the unhinged agent Twitch assumes a fearsome identity of his own as The Inoculator… but his brand of vigilante justice draws the attention of a deadly enemy. Will the network of agents survive an assault by The Avenger, a master of disguise as brutal and unrelenting as The Shadow himself?
Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents the complete, ground-breaking “Body & Soul” storyline by Andrew Helfer and Kyle Baker, plus two additional stories of The Shadow’s past, revealing the secrets that bind his most loyal agents – Margo Lane, Harry Vincent, Burbank, and more – to his never-ending war![/quote]


Du peu que j’ai lu, c’est de haute volée.

Faut vraiment que je me penche sur cette série de rééditions, parce que les trois numéros qui se battent en duel dans ma collection, ça va trois minutes…