THE SILVER COIN #1 (collectif / Michael Walsh)

Image publiera à partir d’avril une nouvelle série d’horreur intitulée The Silver Coin. Le format est celui d’une anthologie : chaque numéro racontera une histoire indépendante mais qui se déroule dans le même univers, à différentes époques. Les points communs sont le dessinateur Michael Walsh… et une mystérieuse pièce d’argent.

Chip Zdarsky ouvre le bal au scénario. Il sera suivi par Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson et Jeff Lemire.




Michael Walsh :

« After finishing Black Hammer/Justice League with Jeff Lemire, I was really itching to draw a Horror comic. I was also dying to work with a bunch of my favourite collaborators again, AND I was really pushing myself to move back into the world of creator-owned comics, » said Walsh in an exclusive interview at IGN. « I thought for a while about how I could make all of these things happen and came up with the idea behind The Silver Coin . A shared world where a bunch of writers can throw amazing and horrific ideas at me to draw the hell out of. I approached a group of writers whose work I not only admired as a fan but also had a fruitful working collaboration within the past. Everyone signed up for this simple idea… A Coin rolls through time, causing supernatural horror to all those that find it. That story prompt grew and evolved into something truly unexpected. As each script came in, the world grew into something bigger and more connected… I can’t WAIT for readers to find out where this is going and what we have in store for them. »

Le principe est intéressant.


Bonsoir, en effet, je trouve ça super intéressant comme concept moi aussi !

La couverture du #2 :